You’re Australia’s problem now. -Tricia

Friday December 2nd, 2016: Touchdown in Melbourne (and yes I skipped a day, hello time change)

There is something about the smell of anew that gets me giddy inside. So if I was tired, you would not have been able to tell it. I was pumped to be getting off that plane and starting this crazy adventure and to see my bestie Maddie. Customs was interesting. It was definitely better than other countries I had visited but it was very disorganized. And since I checked into my flight so early, I of course got my bags last (Maddie said she was 20 minutes away from asking about me). But alas, I made it. I am here. It doesn’t feel real yet and I don’t feel like I’m in a new country (people warned me of this). Its beautiful and sunny and no there aren’t spiders the size of my head running amuck.

When we made it back to Jamie’s parents, they showed me my new digs for the first couple of months. Its a beautiful home and I’m sure I won’t have as much closet space when we find our new place closer to downtown. I was starting to feel tired but I am also OCD and wanted to unpack and get organized. I also was in desperate need of a shower (I loathe the feeling after flying and I had just done over 20 hours of it). Maddie and I were catching up while I unpacked and then we went to lunch at The Baker’s Wife, a super cute cafe a short walking distance from our new home. When we got back they advised they had a dinner that I could go to or I could shower and get settled. As much as I love a good dinner party, a shower and some downtime seemed more in tune with what I needed.

That shower never felt so good. I finally felt like I was washing that nasty man off me from my flight from Chicago to LAX. GROSSSS.

I ate some dinner and settled in to watch the remaining two episodes of Gilmore Girls (everyone advised me to stay up as long as I possibly could in order to help adjust with the time and I’m a rule follower). I think I got 30 minutes in when I started to not feel so hot. I decided to retire around 9pm. I took some more of that melatonin that Lacie gave me for the flight (highly recommend it, worked like a charm).

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