WTF Emergen C, I thought we were homies

Saturday Dec 3rd 2016: Seriously not the way I wanted to start

Now I’ve never experienced jet lag but I’m pretty sure that I am sick. Straight up sore throat and achy, probably feverish. This wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my first day in a new country but sometimes you have to listen to your body. And lets be honest here, a plane is really just a box filled with germs masked as adults and children. Did I mention I was in an exit row by the toilets?? I’m not shocked my immune system took a dive. But I’m kicking myself for not having another Emergen C during the flight.

So I spent my first day laying around in pajamas watching my remaining two episodes of Gilmore Girls (the ending!!! wtf). Maddie and Jamie walked around in town for a few hours and when they returned I did have a burst of energy (not sure where that came from) but it was nice to be able to chat. They also brought me Tim Tams!! I’m obsessed. They are everything I’d imagined and more. I already hate the day in which I won’t have them readily available to eat.

We caught up on Westworld (so happy to be able to share that with them). I retired early as a body needs as much sleep as possible when ill.

3 thoughts on “WTF Emergen C, I thought we were homies

  1. Umm. Girlfriend, I can mend that broken heart of yours when I tell you Target carries Tim Tams… different varieties of them too! Have they taught you how to do a Tim Tam Slam?!? RIDIC!


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