Donuts are life

Sunday December 4th, 2016: A whole new world

The rest of the family walked Cookie (the family pup) into town for some coffee in the early morning. I opted to start my own morning. I got dressed and had a banana. I was sure to drink my daily Emergen C and take my normal vitamins. Once everyone returned, we discussed our plans for the day. I finally had my energy back despite

still being congested and coughing up a lung. We decided we would go to some areas of potential living to scope them out.

We weren’t downtown-downtown, but more so in one of those cute little areas that people who don’t want the craziness of downtown but still want to be close enough for all the action live. Richmond street is lined with cafes, shops, and hipster everything. Apparently, there is some law about not changing storefronts. It is really charming. One thing I don’t think I mentioned was how crazy the coffee culture is here. I mean, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a unique cafe to get your Flat White (Australian’s invented that). I’m glad I am finally old enough now to enjoy coffee, even thought I still require a shit ton of sugar to drink it. Its nice to be able to enjoy that part of their culture.

After what seemed like an eternity (I was starving-says the girl who only had a banana for breakie aka breakfast), we decided on some random taco shop.

Now before I made my journey here, I had dinner with Maddie and Jamie and asked, “ok, what do I need to get my fix off here in the states?” I wanted to make sure that I got enough of the things I wouldn’t see or get enough of while in Australia. They both responded, “Mexican food and bacon.” Umm…these are 2 staples in my diet. What was I thinking, was this move a mistake? Could I make it a year without a delicious taco or quesadilla or frankly bacon on anything? Ultimately, I decided that this shouldn’t be my deal breaker. But I made sure that I had my fill of those 2 things before I left the states.

Anyway, we pick this taco shop on Richmond Street to eat at and I’m thinking to myself, “guys, are we sure we want to do this? I’m still sick, I don’t want to be disappointed too.” Again, thoughts I kept to myself. The menu was adorable, filled with gorditas and vegan options (Jill when you come you won’t leave. I swear I mentioned how much you would love this area like 50x-I think Maddie is sick of your name. I’ve never seen so many Vegan places in my life and so heavily concentrated at that.). I decided on a fish taco and a green bean taco (I promise I’m not crazy I just A. wanted to try something new-because is this not why I came to a new country and B. I happen to love vegetables.) The tacos were actually quite tasty. I don’t think you’ll find me complain much about food. Thankfully, I was raised to try new things and really enjoy all the flavors. Its rare to disappoint me in this area. Lunch was a pleasant surprise as I now didn’t need to worry about never seeing tacos again.

After lunch we walked back towards Donut Time, we had all drooled a bit as we walked by it before. And if you know me then you know I love a good donut. This had to happen. We settled on two flavors, “Love at First Bite,” a nutella-filled donut, dusted with cinnamon sugar, and “Its Always a Gay Time,” which is a milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelized crepes filled with honeycomb custard. Ummm…you are probably like show me a picture of this deliciousness. I’m sorry I’ve failed you. I forgot and we demolished them when we got home. Whatever your imagination came up with about it, they were probably better.

When we got home we relaxed a bit before we prepped for another family dinner (I am already used to and loving this nightly routine). Tonight we had chicken patties, bratwurst, sausage, cauliflower, sweet potato, hummus, salad, and bread.

I’m not saying we’re old because 30 is not but we don’t go to bed too late. I am fine with this. I am not a spring chicken anymore and eventually we will have jobs in which a routine of decent sleep will be needed. I think at 25 years old I realized the importance of a day well spent. Not that I didn’t have days spent mulling over my hangover but they were less frequent now than the good old days. What I’m saying is I don’t mind going to bed early and getting up early. There is lots to be done. I mean I only have a year here people.

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