When Pot means beer

Monday December 5th, 2016: The Best Calamari Ever

Jamie dropped Maddie and I off on Chapel Street on his way to crossfit. We almost made him late trying to find a bank to convert my almost $600 USD into AUD. Maddie said to me before I left to be sure I had a lot of cash as there are quite a few places that only take cash (some Americans would be screwed). I guess I’m an idiot for thinking they would want my dumb American dollars. We stopped in one bank and the teller advised they would have to charge $8 to convert the money. I was happy to pay it, they have to make money right? She said to me that was at least one lunch so we decided to go across the street where Maddie and Jamie bank. After a 10 minute wait, the teller advised they would take the $8 dollar for processing and give me a little less for the conversion. This was a bit annoying but I’m not going to be fussy about too much. And I really just wanted some cash so I didn’t have to rely on my card the whole time (Although, I’m loving all the points!). This poor teller, he took forever and we almost made Jamie late for crossfit. I have my Australian dollars and I am happy. Their notes are so cool! Different colors, waterproof, and no singles! Keep it simple. I love it.

Maddie and I walked all along Chapel Street and browsed many shops. I purchased two shirts for $15AUD each. It was this little pop up shop where everything was $15, who doesn’t love a good deal. I have to brag that my fashion sense (or lack there of as I mostly buy basic colors and pieces) is pretty much on point here. I was worried I would be sticking out but I think I will be able to blend in quite well.

Jamie met up with us and we walked into Prahran. In a matter of blocks the vibe shifted from high end stores to a more hipster cafe vibe. We decided on Oscar Cooper. What they lacked in service they made up for in the deliciousness that was their food. I struggled between the Wasabi Calamari and the Crispy Pork Belly Bao, but the waiter advised that the Wasabi Calamari was so good that patrons revolted when they took it off the menu so they put it back on. SOLD!

My food was so pretty when it arrived. The Wasabi Calamari on Vietnamese slaw, Sriracha dressing, lemon mayo.. Now I was pretty hungry at this point (the walking and the small breakie) but this was the best damn calamari I’ve ever had. It was a thicker cut than I’m used to and it wasn’t super fried. It was superb and the slaw was a great tangy touch. Its what day 4, and I’m already sold on the cuisine Melbourne-good job.

As we walked back towards the car, we passed this cute little house (or at least I thought it was) and Jamie mentioned stopping for a beer to which I replied where? And then he pointed at that cute little house that just happened to be an even cuter little bar. We stopped for a Pot (this is 10oz). Some more terminology for you: a Schooner is 15oz, a Pint is 20oz, and a jug is 40oz. I guess in Sydney these terms differ too. I tried my first Melbourne beer-Mountain Goat, and was pleasantly surprised. I was not going to need to pay the ridiculous amount of money for American beer, I would be drinking like the locals.

On the menu for family dinner this evening, grilled salmon, chicken breast and thigh, cooked pumpkin, brown rice, and salad.

**DAD-I am not going to starve here. I think this may be a very healthy year forme as long as I don’t over do it on the Tim Tams. 

We relaxed and watched the season finale of Westworld. Just when I think I am getting a handle on that show I realize I’m just watching it for the nudity. Don’t judge me. I know I’m not the only one here.

2 thoughts on “When Pot means beer

  1. Omg. I’m dying over the vocabulary lesson. Thanks teach! Aaron loves Westworld. And I didn’t address my utter disappointment in Gilmore Girls.


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