Large groups of people still give me anxiety

Tuesday December 6th, 2016: And then we walked some more. 

Today was a great day. We walked to the train station and took it about 15mins to downtown Melbourne. It truly is a beautiful city. The weather was perfect too as it ended up being around 70/75 with the sun shining (I have the farmers tan to prove it). When we got of the train we had about an hour to kill before meeting Jamie’s younger brother Aaron for lunch. So we just walked and did some sight seeing. The Yarra River reminds me of the Chicago River, dark but gives the city some charm. Jamie took us to the Crown Casino. I guess the government controls this market and thats why there aren’t usually more than 1 or so per state. It was quite a casino. They had a wonderful Christmas display that we enjoyed the last 5 minutes of. These huge ornaments opened up to various holiday icons singing famous tunes. It was delightful. As we walked through the casino I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I hit it big here…

And then I almost ran into Jamie. Pay attention to where you’re walking Kristin!!

We managed to beat Jamie’s brother to the restaurant Chin Chin. The vibe was cool but it was pretty loud. Not the best place to hold a conversation but if you want some excellent asian cuisine then you are set. We got a few of the favored dishes to suit all of our fancies. Again, not disappointed.

Aaron wanted to take us near his work and he showed us his favorite cafe. Maddie and I both ordered flat whites. I can never go back to this cafe because I am an idiot. I’m still learning coffee ok. I thought I heard the barista ask Maddie if she wanted cream and sugar in hers, so I made sure to order that with mine. Maddie explained that a latte or flat white is made with milk, so no Kristin, you won’t need cream. Palm to FACE.

Don’t be challenging me on Fitbit guys. If I’m hanging with Jamie chances are we are WALKING. We walked over 9 miles in the city today. I was wearing my Sanuks (best flip flops ever but still flip flops). My feet are pretty sore but it was worth it. The city is pretty cool. So many alleys filled with unique graffiti art. Cafes everywhere for the locals to get their fix. Coffees are smaller here and cost less than in the states, so they drink them more frequently. I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with the locals on that front. I want to be able to sleep at night. But if this is how they stay thin, I’m on board. haha. JK!

It was such a gorgeous day to enjoy another beer but this time with a view of the Yarra River. I tried Mountain Goat’s Summer Ale and was pleased with that choice. We made our way to the Richmond Station passing the Cricket and Australian Open stadiums.  I have quite a few sports to learn, Cricket and Australian Football or Footie, which is not rugby or American football. Wish me luck.

Tonights family dinner was homemade tacos.

I don’t miss you Chipotle…not yet at least.

4 thoughts on “Large groups of people still give me anxiety

  1. (Aaron) is Fosters their most popular beer or is that just a marketing ploy?

    I don’t like coffee or any of the like drinks. I’d be struggling to fit in.


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