Tim and Anna are the real deal

Thursday December 8th, 2016: Rainy Day calls for Australian Bachelor

During a ridiculously rainy day in Melbourne (my first I might add), we did what I would probably do at home, binge watch a show. Maddie and I share a love of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series so we started the first season of Australian Bachelor, which originally aired in 2013.

Ok, if you know me at all then you know this first season’s bachelor was and is my dream man: tall, dark, handsome, and a hot accent. WHERE THE FUCK WAS I IN 2013?!? I’ve never been flooded by such regret.

I’m not going to bore you with a summary of the season but I do want to point out some differences between the Australian Bachelor and the American Bachelor.

  1. Accents make everything hotter (I’m sure this is a given for most of us)
  2. Australian women can still be catty and bitchy towards each other but it definitely seems lessor than American women.
  3.  When the women were eliminated, their reactions were much more calm and believable than the American sobs and hysterics that come with a goodbye. I mean they were wishing Tim the best and then offering their opinion as to who would be the best for him. They genuinely wanted him to find happiness and they were confident enough to tell him who they thought was his best fit. Even the very last girl to be eliminated in finale kept her shit together. She barely shed a tear and wished them the best.  MIND BLOWN.

Maddie and I discussed that since this was season 1, maybe it would be tamer than the other seasons. Let’s not lie to ourselves and act like we don’t get a kick from the ridiculous drama I’m sure the producers put together for us. Isn’t that why we keep watching? I know I enjoy it and I also enjoy filling out the bachelor bracket, drinking wine and laughing about how ridiculous people will act for a date.

4. They don’t get engaged in the end. Tim gave her this beautiful ring but it wasn’t an engagement ring. Why are we still so obsessed with marriage. Can’t it be about finding someone you would have never met in the most awkward and televised way? Can’t they just try real life sans helicopters and meals they never actually eat? So much pressure. I’m with Australia on this one, let them live and date like normal people.

When we finished the season (not all was watched in this day), we looked up the couple and they are still together!  They are both rocking the fitness world and still enjoying each others company. It was pretty enduring considering that is not the norm for the American version.

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