Where can I hide this tattoo?

Sunday December 11th, 2016: Botanical Gardens and the Remembrance Shrine

Jamie had mentioned that his gym was having a Christmas Party at a local park with a barbie so we went and enjoyed the nice weather. So far the weather has been pretty off and on. Days of high heat (90s) are accompanied by some rain and then a few cooler days (low 70s). I can’t say I mind a break from the super hot days but I would love a consistent 75-80 temperature too.

The gym event was cool, there were quite a few people. I find myself a little out of my element when it comes to meeting people here. Normally, I wouldn’t hesitate to introduce myself but I’m finding myself feeling a little more introverted and reserved. Maybe, I am just better in a bar after a few cocktails for confidence! haha. I’m sure I’ll get the swing of things soon. I’m also inherently afraid to speak their language and use their verbiage. I fear I’ll break out my best Aussie accent and offend someone. Maddie and I frequently practice but I’m not sure I’ll ever get totally comfortable. I daydream sometimes about walking into a store and using my version of Aussie on them to see if they ask where I’m from….maybe by the time my visa is up I’ll have a cute little accent to take home with me. I’m sure my family would love that. My dad is hopeful I will and my sisters reminded me that even if I did pick it up I’d still be gangsta too. haha. They crack me up. It will be hard to break this Chicago accent, that is for sure.

After the park, we found a French Bakery to grab a few things on our way to the Botanical Gardens. Once we got to the gardens we found a nice bench to enjoy our goodies. We sat there for a while soaking up the sun and enjoying our surroundings. It was quite beautiful. There were so many couples on this hill having picnics and canoodling. One guy had his head in his girlfriends lap and we questioned his intentions. haha. After we finished, we walked to the Remembrance Shrine which is this huge monument dedicated to their service people for the past wars. It was really cool. Lots of steps though (Fitbit people unite). It was here that we realized we soaked up too much sun on our bench and probably needed some time away from it.

We decided to take our asses to get some Fro-yo at Yo Chi. It was delicious and a perfect way to end our day out. As good as it was, it doesn’t compare to some of my fro-yo faves at home but I won’t let this stop me from trying other fro-yo places!

Later that night, Jamie’s friend Ben and my walking partner for Jamie and Maddie’s wedding, invited us over for some drinks and to catch up. It was great to see a familiar face! Ben’s family lives around the corner from Jamie’s so it was neat to see another beautiful home. Ben has a ton of tattoos so I told him he’s in charge of finding me a nice place to get a commemorative tattoo for my trip. He started looking things up right away. I’m thinking a Koala on my ass but its still early in the game.

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