Lot of man buns here

Tuesday December 13th, 2016: Back to the gym

It was time to find a gym. I have been majorly slacking but thoroughly enjoying taking myself out of the category of gym freak. Don’t get me wrong I still want to lose that 20 pounds I seemed to have gained but I also want to enjoy my time here and try all the good food. I’ll need that lovely thing called balance. I’m hoping that all the walking we have been doing will offset some of the food. I’m also very grateful they don’t have ridiculous portion sizes here. It’s not really proper to take your food home so their portions are easy to finish.

Maddie and I decided to try the Snap Fitness which is a 24/7 chain (that I’m pretty sure exists in the states) located about 1 mile away from home. It is a smaller gym but has everything that I would need. I thought it was cool that they offer a free 7 day pass. We decided to try their unique way of group classes to warm up. They have a room and you pick a class off of a list and a projector screen comes down and you watch a video. This is definitely less intimidating, as you can do this whenever the room is empty. Plus, there is a huge assortment of classes to try. We went with a yoga/cardio warmup and then topped our time off with a light full body workout with more cardio. It felt great. I am definitely looking forward to more of that. I don’t know why I’m so shocked at all the man buns I keep seeing, Melbourne is pretty hipster and apparently that fad is still around here. I also am hoping all the guys rocking this hairstyle are young. School is out for summer here so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

This gym also offers a full body scan so I think we will all be taking advantage of that deal next week. I’d love to know how much damage I’ve done over the past year and that way I can set a healthy goal to reach for.

Jamie’s brother Aaron came for our family dinner that evening. We had the most delicious lamb and you know I love a good Tzatziki sauce. Another fine meal in the books! Anat was trying to pick another book for her book club and has asked if Maddie and I would look into a couple books for her. I started reading one of them and got sucked in; so if you are asking yourself why my blogs are popping up in chunks and not daily, I blame the book and life getting in the way.

Australian word of the day: Rubbish is used instead of garbage.

3 thoughts on “Lot of man buns here

  1. I haven’t been to the gym since October with you. I need to use you as inspiration. You are living in a paradise and finding time. I can too. Keep living it up ( write as often as you can, I’m loving it).


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