Don’t take me into a Nike store and think I won’t go HAM

Wednesday December 14th, 2016: When you immediately regret your breakfast order because your friends looks and tastes much better

Today we had a gameplan of breakfast, shopping and then some more walking. We went to Proud Mary in Collingwood for Breakfast. This place was packed so we ended up sitting at the coffee bar. The employees were like a well oiled machine making lattes and shit, fast AF. I was in awe and also still a little sleepy when one of the Baristas noticed my glazed over state. He asked me if I knew what was going on and I replied that I didn’t. So he took the next like 5 minutes to explain how they grind their own beans with a spice grinder and how the machines all weigh the espresso so that every order is exactly the same. SUCK ON THAT STARBUCKS. (Starbucks totally probably does this but do they explain it to people??) Haha ,but seriously it was incredibly nice of him to do that. I was so overwhelmed by the menu and this is pretty standard for me at any breakfast/brunch place. If you love breakfast as much as I do then you can relate to the pain I get when trying to figure out what I want. I want it all. I want salty bacon. I want buttery eggs. I want toast and an english muffin. If I’m hungover, I want biscuits and gravy. I always want pancakes and french toast because duh yummy sweetness. And if something comes with avocado then fuck, I want that too. So normally when I see like 3-4 things I want on a menu just as it happened this day, I aim for the most logical and most basic to meet my needs while also trying to be more health conscious (so lame I know). I ended up ordering Scrambled eggs on toast with side of avocado and a Magic Mocha (that came with 2 marshmallows). Maddie ordered my other option the Butterscotch hotcakes. (Vanilla and Ricotta hotcakes, maple butterscotch sauce, summer berries, buttermilk ice cream). We got our orders and I had the “get in my belly” dance going. Maddie was sweet enough to let me try my second choice. Did I mention those fucking pancakes came with a scoop of ice cream on top? HOLY FUCK. I made a mistake. Biggest one yet. Who orders fucking toast and eggs? I’m an idiot. Now in my defense I know that I can only handle so much sweet. I’m a salty then sweet kind of girl so those hotcakes were a beautiful way to end my breakfast but I’m not so sure I could eat them as my entire breakfast. Maddie did confirm that it was too much sweet for a whole meal, which of course made me feel better about my actions that morning.

Jamie’s gym hooked him up with free passes to the Nike Employee Store so we headed there next.  I spent way too much money, but it can be easily justified as a Christmas present to myself. Also, everything was marked down 40%…so come on don’t judge me too hard there. I practically live in work out clothes so this was totally fine. Now the 3 pairs of shoes, you can give me a subtle side eye for those. If you know me, then you know I love to match my shoes with my workout outfit. SO then you also know how freaking hard it was to only pack 4 pairs to bring with me to Australia. When you bring me to a fucking NIKE store I am a child staring at a wall of candy, I will indulge and there is no stopping me. It was here at this store where I bought my first pair of Chucks. I had been dying to get a pair so this was a memorable moment. I’m not going to go into detail about how much I spent because thats tacky but just know that I could easily work at that Store and go unnoticed for a good amount of time. In fact, they should just hire me considering I helped two different ladies with picking out shoes and pants. Also, don’t forget about the conversion rate either, I was practically getting another 30% off what I had already saved. Are you convinced yet?

Next we went to Studley Park Boathouse for some sights. Jamie was hoping we would want Scones but we were all full from breakfast. Don’t think I didn’t think about it though. But then I fondly remembered our Scones from the week before and there is no way they would have tasted as good as those. I took a lot of scenic pictures here as there was an adorable little river, a bridge and a 1.5 mile trail that ran through some bush. The trail came with warnings of snakes! I was peering like a mofo into the bush along the trail the whole time. I want to see some crazy shit! You need to know I love snakes and sharks and weird spiders. BUTTTTTT this doesn’t mean I want them close to me or attacking me. Big difference. I wouldn’t mind snapping some pictures of crazy stuff but I’m not trying to actually live it.

Then Maddie and I went to work out again. Today we started with an intense step class that got us ready for back/biceps and then some cardio. I was feeling like my old self and we were trying some new things so it was a lot of fun. My stepmom would have been proud of my step class skills. I actually enjoyed it and we were dying by the end of it.

Anat (Jamie’s mom) made chicken lettuce wraps which were a perfect light meal to end the day.

3 thoughts on “Don’t take me into a Nike store and think I won’t go HAM

  1. Riverside had one of those on demand work out things. I think I was the only person who used it. Also, Kim was always so nice and encouraging as I stumbled my way through the step classes.

    Glad you are feeling more comfotable and establishing some foundation. You got this.

    And i totally don’t blame you for the madness in NIKE. Made me laugh. FYI. I have one pair of tennis shoes that I work out in. Had them for about a year. Probably need a new pair.


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