Do I look like I want to sell your shit?

Thursday December 15th, 2016: Whoa sleep

Today, I stayed in bed way too late. You know when you sleep too much and then you feel all out of whack? This was me today.  I had a hard timing falling asleep and then staying asleep, so when I finally did find that sweet slumber, I stuck with it. And seeing as though, we tend to wing our days I didn’t really have anything to get up for. But when I made my way downstairs, I was informed we were going to the market to get food for Friday’s Shabbat dinner. I rushed to get dressed and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. NEVER GO TO THE MARKET HUNGRY. As an adult, I freaking know this but time was of the essence today. Everything Anat suggested for our dinner sounded amazing and if their were samples being passed out you bet I was first in line. I even tried this Tofu in a sweet chili sauce. The lady at the counter had asked if I had ever tried it and I said no, so she gave me a few pieces. It was amazing. But I also was super freaking hungry. Anat has a convertible and it was a really enjoyable day weather wise, so we put the top down for our drive home. In this moment as my hair was flowing in the breeze under the shining sun, I realized how amazing life was and how crazy mine has turned out. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for all that has been given to me this year.

Ok, I need to put something out there…

If I get one more damn solicitation for Rodan and Fields, I am going to lose my shit. I had not even been in Australia a day when the messages started. Apparently, this pyramid type company is trying to sell their product in Australia, so all their salespeople are asking their social media friends if they have any contacts in Australia. How sly of them to not mention this is their effort to recruit. If this had been the case, I don’t think any of my unsuspecting friends would have tagged me in their posts. I had some Facebook friends that I haven’t even talked to since college tag me because they must have read my post about moving to Australia. I mean seriously? I hate to go off on people but what in their right mind thinks that reaching out to a random person that just fucking moved to a new country is a good idea. I did my best to be polite and decline this “amazing opportunity” they were offering to me but then the personal questions kept coming. Why did you move to Australia? What was I doing there? Etc. Questions, I would never dare to ask someone I had no connection to, especially over fucking Facebook messenger.  Some of my friends had every right to reach out to me about it and to them I can be blunt AF and say hell no. But WTF man, what is actually going through your mind?  If this was actually my business and I put something out there in social media, like they did, I would have mentioned that I was trying to get the name/product in a new country so please tag willing and interested parties. And then I’m positive none of my friends would have mentioned my name.


Later that night we managed to get addicted to the Aussie version of Marriage at First Sight. Its good shit people. If you have access to watch their versions, I highly recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Do I look like I want to sell your shit?

  1. I’m so sorry I tagged you on that! I seriously had no idea it was for r & f. I figured maybe she was planning on traveling there. Definitely unfollowing that bitch! 😘


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