Holding out for a Hero

Friday December 16th, 2016: The Ding Dong

Tonight’s Shabbat Dinner was at our house and Jamie’s brother Aaron and his girlfriend Marcelle would be joining us.  It was of course a wonderful dinner. Everyone at the table was going on holiday to Bright with us. I just knew our holiday would be fun after this meal.

One of Jamie’s friends (Michael) is in a seven piece band called “The Seven Ups” and he had invited us to his show that night. It started at 11pm. Us old folk made sure we had coffee again later that day just so we could stay up past our usual bedtime. I was excited for a night out but a little concerned about the venue and said “music.” Jamie mentioned that they played Afro-Jazz. WTF is Afro-Jazz?? I was intrigued and you know I love music so absolutely I was game for this. The venue was The Ding Dong located downtown Melbourne. You know the perplexed emoji with his hand by his face with a thinking like emotion? That was me.

After we paid our cover charge, we realized that talking to each other would not be an option. The music was so loud and the venue wasn’t all too big so it seemed a little unnecessary to have the volume up that loud (wait is this where I realize I’m too old for this shit? perplexed emoji, we meet again). This was not going to be an evening without some booze so we all grabbed some beer to get us through the night. Those in attendance reminded me of the band scene I once found myself in, back in the early high school years. This was the era of trying to sleep with that hot ass drummer, haha (in case you are curious, I bagged him but only years later when I was in college). Of course, since we were out, I was eyeing every man. Not out of thirst but out of curiosity. This is a new country, I’m not so sure my usual bag of tricks is going to work here. I can remember my airport friend Sarah telling me she didn’t think Australian men were very aggressive. To me, that’s no problem as I usually just go for something that tickles my fancy, but again I’m thrown here. New country, new guys, new dating scene, and really I’m not so sure I’m ready as I’m still figuring out the lay of the land.

I hate to disappoint the masses back home that are so eager for me to be fucking all these Aussie hotties but it might be a couple more weeks or until I finally break down and get Tinder. Literally the first thing my brother in law Neco asked me was, “how’s the Australian dick?” The pressure is on here folks.

We were able to see Michael before the show, which was clutch as we thought we could say hi, watch a few songs and then peace out. Michael’s parents Raye and Steve were there. They are freaking adorable and most definitely do not look or act their age. Gotta love it.

This is why you should just get out of your fucking comfort zone and try shit, we actually enjoyed ourselves. The music was pretty cool. No singing, just badass musicians making dope beats. They have some crazy fans that straight up get down to their music. This one older gentleman needed a 3 foot circle around him because of his ridiculous assortment of moves. We all had more fun than we thought we would and left after the gig was over. This was our latest night out yet, where we got home around 2am. I was texting friends from back home as it was 9am on Friday. I do quite enjoy that time difference, it will be very convenient for drunk texting.

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