Break the Banksy

Saturday December 17th, 2016:ROTIIIIII

Today Jamie took us to the Queen Victoria market, which is one of the largest outdoor farmers markets. They have a ton of vendors selling everything you can imagine, along with some amazing food trucks. The smells were amazing but also made it hard to make any sort of decision on what to eat. I eventually decided on a light snack of Roti (only the best Indian bread ever, right Jill?) and a mango/yogurt smoothie from this Indian Food Truck. Both were delicious. Roti is a flat pull apart bread that they heat up on a skillet in some oil. It is crunchy on the outside and doughy on the inside.img_9085Anything with mango seems to tickle my fancy, so it seemed like a good choice. We roamed around the market for quite some time, I was happy to be collecting steps for my Fitbit. After we had enough of that, we made our way to the Royal Croquet Club, which is a big outdoor event that is held for 3 weeks every summer. It’s basically a party area with food, booze, music, and plenty of areas to play croquet. It’s conveniently located along the Yarra River, creating a picturesque background while you sip on your Pimm’s. With the sun peeking out from the cloud every so often, we were in need of a refreshing drink. Jamie bought us a pitcher of Pimm’s, something we were all curious about since we have seen it EVERYWHERE. Pimm’s is a yummy liqueur. They mixed it with ginger ale, lemonade and garnish with cucumber, strawberry, lemon, and mint. It was absolutely what we needed. It was much like an Arnold Palmer but way better. They also sell these already made in bottles. I think I may have found my summer drink!

On our way into the city, we parked near the Banksy exhibit and I expressed some interest in doing that so we thought we would try on our way out of the city. Well, they wanted $30AUD and we all decided that was pretty steep for something that could easily be 10 minutes worth of staring at some photos. There was some really neat artwork located outside the exhibit, which we got to look at for free. That was enough to fill my artistic side for the day.

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