What the Pho?

Sunday December 18th, 2016:Sunday Funday

Tomorrow is Peter’s Birthday so we headed to Camberwell in search of a gift. After no luck, we headed to Chapel Street for some more shopping, which I can’t ever really get enough. I passed by that Drake hat again, I’m fairly certain I’ll be purchasing it soon. I’m an avid Drake fan so why the hell not? I brought a freaking cosplay Kangaroo onesie to Australia, do you think I’m phased by wearing my favorite rapper on a ball cap? Psh. IMG_8868.JPG

For lunch, we ate at Hanoi Hannah, where I FINALLY tried Pho. I had wanted to try it back in the states but Maddie and Jamie insisted I wait and I’m so glad I did. Even though this didn’t appear to be the place for the Pho of all Pho’s, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this glorified ramen. It felt way classier with all of its garnishes and meat, different from the 50 cent packages we all ate way too much of in high school and college. My dish was XO Pho Egg Noodle with Crispy Pork and Prawns. So freaking delicious. The crispy pork was just the right amount of crunch to even out the smooth noodles and savory broth. I would definitely be having more Pho in my life. Now supposedly there are two types of Pho eaters: those who eat the noodles first and those who eat them after the broth. Well, you will be happy to know I eat my noodles first and I’ll tell you why; sipping the broth first would fill me up and then there would be no room for the best part (in my opinion). Give me the good stuff and if I’m still hungry I’ll sip that wonderful broth.


Since today was the day for errands, we went to the grocery store to pick up more Tim Tams because duh. And I wanted to try the caramel ones. We also stopped in the liquor store so Jamie could show us the array of RTD’s (Ready to drink aka premixed drinks). **RTD is your Australian word of the day**

Now this is something I could get on board with. Yes, liquor and beer (imports) are hella expensive in Australia however, they sell already premixed drinks that are reasonably priced. I am totally fine with this trade off. Once the Pimm’s was spotted, game over anyway. I think at this moment, we decided today was a great day for a Sunday Funday. Pimm’s and the new outdoor game Maddie and Jamie picked up to take on Holiday, Kubb. Kubb is an outdoor yard game and it would be much wiser of you to just google it, if you feel inclined, rather than me try to explain it. I’ll say this, if you like batteship, bags or corn hole (for you weirdos out there), and capture the flag; this game might be your jam. I’ve already phoned my family to add this to the list of things we need back home. img_9111

Maddie and I finally made our list of Christmas cookies we wanted to bake to try to take to Bright with us for holiday. We decided on Snickerdoodles, Mexican Wedding Cake cookies, Thumbprint Jam, and Oreo balls.

After our mac and cheese adventure, we realized its easier to just look up these recipes in metric measurements rather than trying to convert on our own. It was at this moment we thought we won. Might as well start laughing now at how ridiculous that thought actually is.

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