Baklava, where have you been all my life?

Monday December 19th, 2016: Peters Birthday

Today was hot as balls, over 30 celsius aka over 90 farenheit, so went to the local pool to soak up some sun. I think it cost roughly $7AUD to get into the pool and it was not even packed. If I were in the US, we would be plotting how to take over some chairs because it would be so busy! But, we easily found chairs (in the sun too) to relax on. There was a splash pad inside for the kiddos and outside was an Olympic sized pool with lanes for the ambitious and public areas for the dippers, like myself. I have been here for almost 3 weeks and I’m still fairly pale for my normal summer self. I was pumped to be getting that Vitamin D. The sun here is something else. I have already had 2ish farmers tan/burns from just walking around in the city. I have been so careful about my face but keep forgetting about my arms and chest. Today, I was prepared and put sunscreen on before we left. We are much closer to the equator here, so it is going to have to be a top priority to take care of my skin. That 16 year old tanorexic inside of me shutters at this thought, but hey now that I’m 30, its time to take care of myself. I can already hear my aunts saying “I told you so!” and “wish you would have listened to me earlier.” But I went to the dermatologist before I left the states and had her check out all my moles and freckles. I left with one less mole and a fear that my hyper pigmentation located on my forehead (to me this looks like a cluster of freckles) would soon take over my face. How was I supposed to take care of something I didn’t even really see? But don’t think that it didn’t stop me from buying some ridiculously priced Clinique face cream to try to sort that out (thanks Marissa!).img_9112

Later that night we had a birthday celebration for Peter at his favorite Lebanese restaurant. Quite a few of Anat and Peter’s friends made it so it was lovely to meet all of them. Courses after courses kept coming with delicious food. Hummus, falafel, lamb and chicken kabobs. If you were to add up all the lamb I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, I don’t think it would equal the amount of lamb I’ve had while I’ve been here in Australia. I’m quite enjoying it too. But I have to say my first Baklava experience was awesome, consider me a fan. And Turkish Delight was interesting. Probably not something I will eat on a regular basis but at least I know what exactly Lucy requested from the White Witch in “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” It was a wonderful evening and we were all stuffed to our necks with food.img_9114

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