Drunk, Stoned or Stupid?

Tuesday December 20th, 2016: Stop taking me shopping, you know I’m weak

Today we went back to Snap Fitness to have our bodies scanned. They give you a pretty cool print out explaining body fat percentage, weight, basal metabolic rate,  and all your measurements. It’s so crazy to see my body fat percentage that high when just over 2 years ago it was sitting around 13-14%. Granted I didn’t like myself that lean, but Body Dysmorphia is a real thing people. I can look at myself somedays and think damn I look good and then 2 hours later I will feel like the fattest piece of shit. But even when I was lean I could find imperfections and that’s the fucked up part. That is why I don’t think I would ever recommend someone to compete (Bodybuilding Competitions) and why I don’t think I will ever find myself on stage again. If you find yourself enjoying healthy food more than unhealthy and you get to the gym regularly-stick with that. That is literally all you need. Don’t deprive yourself of the things you love like chocolate or wine but don’t binge on them either. I feel like it will be a long road for me to get to get back to a good place for myself again but I’m determined to get there in a healthy way all the while still living a fun life and trying all the things I possibly can this year.

Jamie took us to Chadstone Mall, which is supposedly the biggest mall (530 stores) in the southern hemisphere. SHUT THE FUCK UP BRO. It was so overwhelming but amazing at the same time. There were multiple levels and multiple food courts with every kind of food imaginable.  They had all designer stores too. I walked by Givenchy, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, etc.  It was crazy. Luckily it was set up pretty well meaning that the stores seemed to be on levels according to their price tag with the top tier being for the rich and famous.

Again, I find myself spending too much money but I was able to get a few things I definitely needed for holiday.

My contribution for our trip to Bright was the Australian version of Cards Against Humanity. I also purchased the game Drunk, Stoned or Stupid for my family’s personal collection of games. I have no doubt this will be right up our alley.

FAMILY— you all are going to have to wait until I come home to play. Hehe.

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