WE GOT BALLS, WE GOT BOOZE, that’s basically all I need for Christmas.

Thursday December 22nd, 2016: And thats all the vegemite I’ll need

Apparently today was the day we (meaning maddie and I, since Jamie grew up on it) tried vegemite. I came into this challenge, excited and eager to blow everyone away with how well I was adapting. Besides, everything else I had tried had been good, so why couldn’t Vegemite? In my mind, I felt that this step was my in to being an Aussie. If I loved vegemite, maybe they would want to keep me here. Jamie prepared us toast. One slice with just vegemite and one slice with some butter and vegemite. Maddie and I filmed this experiment for one of her friends. We took one bite of the toast with butter and at first, I quite enjoyed it.  As I continued to chew, my opinion changed with every chomp. It was so salty and strong. I don’t think there will ever be a day that I crave this sort of taste in my mouth ever again. And for you pervs out there, nothing like splooge. A different kind of salty. haha.  Kudos to you people that enjoy vegemite or as the Aussies say “good on ya.”


I finally got to talk to my PIC (partner in crime) Jill about when she will visit. She was hoping to come in the next two week or so before she starts a new adventure of her own but we decided it would be best for her to come around Labor Day so she could be with me for my birthday. Plus, it would be cheaper and we can actually plan some really fun things to do. I am thrilled that she will be with me near my birthday.

Maddie and I desperately needed pedicures before vacation so we found this adorable all organic place to try called Missy Liu. My manicurist, Jay, just happened to be from South Carolina so we had a great chat. It felt pretty weird picking a bright color in December but then again, it is summer! After, we walked across the street to eat at 8 Days. In our haste, we forgot to take pictures of the amazing food we had as we were starved. But I had a paninadina (like a panini quesadilla) with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, and basil. I had to order the sweet potato chips, which is what they call fries here. I had been craving these so it was such a nice treat to get to have them. Everything was amazing of course. We decided we would have to go again as there was so much to choose from on the menu.

We made our way to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for our Christmas Cookie baking. When I chose oreo balls, I knew there was a slight chance they might not have oreos here. Can you even imagine a life without oreos? Thankfully, they had them and not even in the International Aisle ,where some other American goodies are found. We picked up all the booze we needed for Bright and again I took pictures of how expensive it was because I can’t get over it. Absolut Vodka (my fave) was the cheapest vodka, which I was excited about. However, it was still a pretty penny compared to what we pay back in the states.

Aussie word of the day: Prawns, what we Americans call Shrimp. You should google the difference, but in the US when you eat shrimp, it’s actually a prawn.  We Americans can call them either. Here they are just simply, prawns.

2 thoughts on “WE GOT BALLS, WE GOT BOOZE, that’s basically all I need for Christmas.

  1. Proud of you for being brace to try new foods.

    Prawns, I thought those were like the gigantic shrimp you get at restaurants.
    Love all the lessons you are sharing with us.


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