Thats enough nature for me

Friday December 23rd, 2016: Well, we can go home now

I got up early to shower and pack for Holiday, nothing like waiting until the last minute to pack. I do better this way but it doesn’t come without some stress. Since we were driving to Bright there was also that mentality that we didn’t really need to pack light. Options are always good. But inevitably we know we won’t use half of the stuff we brought. We packed our 2 cars and hit the road before noon. Bright is about 4 hours northeast of Melbourne so we had a decent road trip ahead of us. Anat wanted to stop in Milewa, a cute little town full of wineries, for some cheese and some wine. None of us were objecting. It provided a lovely break from the drive. As we headed out of the city, the landscape definitely changed. Hills and bush everywhere. Lots of farming and wineries, it was all very beautiful.

Once we got to Bright, we drove around the small quaint town and checked in with the rental agency. Since our rental is up in the mountains and pretty secluded, it was a little difficult to find.  The online description said air conditioning but we soon realized it was only in the common area (kitchen, living room and dining room). Thankfully, it gets cooler at night so a light breeze is very welcome. We had not even been here an hour, when Anat found a Huntsman spider in her master bathroom. Of all the things I’ve asked you to google, this would be the best. Now I knew coming to Australia how many large and dangerously, deadly things would be around but I don’t think you can prepare yourself for actually meeting them. Luckily this spider wasn’t harmful or poisonous, but it was still fucking huge. And this one had babies everywhere. Anat spent a whole can of Raid (or something similar) trying to kill that bitch and her babes. I was not afraid and more than willing to help kill it. However, when it came time to sleep that night, visions of spiders the size of my head made it a bit more difficult than I thought it would. img_9135

I think I took about 20 photos just of the view from our house. It is absolutely unreal. When we were driving into Bright, it felt a little like Sedona, but now that we are up high in the mountains, it is definitely one of a kind. I have never been one with nature or much of a camper but this place is simply amazing. All of a sudden we were all hungry and we debated grilling or going out. We decided to make our way back to town and head to Ginger Bakery, where they had live music. This place was so cute and reminded me a little bit of the outside area of Katy Trail in Dallas, Texas. Not really the decor so much but the ambience, just super chill. It was nestled close to the river where many people were taking a dip or jumping of the closed diving board (how daredevil of them). There was also a really cool splash pad that I wouldn’t mind using at some point this week. Along the river, many families were camped out. Such a different scene here for Christmas for summer. Because I know what I know about Christmas, it doesn’t even feel like right, because it’s so hot out. I don’t miss the snow, but seeing Santa with board shorts is a whole new level. Ginger Bakery offered food Tapas style and we ordered 6 dishes, which were all wonderful. I am not sure if it was THAT fabulous or if we were just super hungry but I don’t think any of us were disappointed.

On our drive back home, we stopped where we had previously seen the Kangaroos. They were definitely there again, hopping along the road. How amazing that my first “official” Roo siting was one that included joeys. NOW I finally felt like I was in Australia, it only took 3 weeks! They are rather intimidating when they stare right at you, trying to read into your soul. I was just fine taking pics from the car. haha. We all were exhausted from the long car ride and the heat (in the 90s today)., so we had some cookies and went to bed early.

2 thoughts on “Thats enough nature for me

  1. Speechless about the spider. Showed it to Aaron. Wtf!! I have a hard time believing it’s harmless. Shit.

    Kangaroos and vacation. Heat and sunshine. I bet it is a bit strange around Christmas but memories in the making.


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