Excuse me, where are the Didgeridildos?

Saturday December 24th, 2016: Christmas Eve and 90 degrees (no not the band)

After I talked myself into sleeping despite visions of Huntsman in my head. I was able to get some decent sleep. Luckily it gets cooler at night so the windows let in a nice breeze. I stayed back in order to catch up on my blogging while the others went to town to grocery shop for some necessities. I was able to FaceTime my Dad and Stepmom and showed them the wonderful scenery. My dad was excited to read his annual Christmas Eve poem basically making fun of my uncle Ken. Every year they buy each other ridiculous gifts to make fun of each other. It’s quite a tradition and I was happy to hear the poem before he gifted it on their Christmas Eve.

We had a lovely BBQ for lunch and enjoyed the lovely breeze on the porch. After, Maddie, Jamie, and I enjoyed playing some Kubb while drinking some beer. Anat and I also played a friendly game of Scrabble, although she might say something different. haha. I’ve tried to tame my competitive side but it seeps out. To my defense, I did warn her. I won by concession as time was escaping us and we needed to prepare to head into town to meet Aaron and Marcelle for drinks and dinner at Tani.fullsizeoutput_1c72


Tani was so fancy! My first course was Duck Fat Potato, cured duck, pine, curd, and crips cabbage leaf. My second course was Pork Shoulder hot smoked, Jerusalem artichoke puree & shells, wild mushroom, and vinegar stock. I can say that I may not have known exactly what I was eating and when, but that was really delicious. I’m sure a true foodie would have been overly excited. I enjoyed both my dishes and was pretty happy with my choices. It was a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner and we were all finally together. Once home, Anat gave us all our own dreidel and chocolate coins to trade and then we lit the candles on the Menorah.


Once we were all comfy, we settled in for an evening of Cards Against Humanity, Australian Edition. I have to say as an avid Cards player that this edition had many similarities to the American Edition with a bunch of Aussie slang and people mixed in. Of course “Pac-man uncontrollably guzzling cum” was there but my all time favorite Aussie card had to be “Didgeridildo.”  Madeline and I had to be crying from laughing for a solid 10 minutes when I played that card for her round. Is that really a thing I wonder because if it’s not, it definitely should be?


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