Beets on errthang

Monday December 26th, 2016: Boxing Day

Despite it being inconvenient, it was worth the loss of sleep to see my family on Christmas morning. I even facetimed my aunts on my mom’s side to say hello. Hopefully, no one minded the clean face and the bed head look. I was happy to see some of my family and especially my grandma. I won’t hold it against her that she didn’t want to chat (“I already saw her”). haha. I spoke with two of my cousins who potentially want to come visit. They are both pretty big party people which would be fun, but to be given the expectation of finding my cousin Cory, a blonde, big tittie bimbo before he comes is a little much.  I made sure to tell him to have another drink. haha.

Today is Boxing Day in Australia and this is basically the equivalent to Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), with huge shopping sales everywhere. Since we are in the mountains and won’t be doing any shopping (thank god-I put myself on lockdown), we are going to a local winery for lunch. We went to Boynton Winery where we again, had another amazing lunch full of foods I have never even could imagine. I stuck with my process of finding one thing I liked and going with that mentality. It seems to be working as I haven’t had a bad meal yet. I think we all thought we were here for a nice lunch but it ended up being kind of an event. I think we were there for 3.5 hours. They definitely had us excited and ready for each course.Spending that much time at a restaurant eating and drinking is something I am really struggling with. Apparently its just America that likes things in a super timely manner. We are on vacation though so why not sit back and relax while enjoying good food and great company.

When we returned home, we played the entire deck of Cards Against Humanity. The boys decided that we would have authentic Aussie style burgers so they cooked out. So Aussie style is layered as such; bun, aioli/ketchup, lettuce, grilled onion, beets, pineapple, tomato, meat, cheese, fried egg, bun. Since I have been loving the carbs, I opted for bun free. It was still pretty delish and absolutely something I would have again. As a beet lover, I am totally digging all the beetroot options offered here. America, get on this grind!

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