Dat Sweet Hash doe

Tuesday December 27th, 2016: All the Baklava please

This was Aaron and Marcelle’s last day so we went to town to have brekkie at Food Wine Friends where I ordered a sweet hash made with sweet potato and carrots. I’ve never had a salad type breakfast before but this was honestly my favorite meal. Something about the sweetness of the hash with the sour of the balsamic dressing that made for the perfect combination. We then walked around town for a bit, stopping in the little stores to gaze.

Today’s weather forecast was cloudy with a chance of rain, so Anat wanted to go hit the local towns and see what they had to offer. We stopped at this adorable Olive Farm and tried all their olives and olive oils. The owners were a cute older couple who had to look most of the information on the olive up in a book. I’m thinking maybe this venture is relatively new to them. What a view though. The clouds were low so the mountains were gorgeous!

Lunch was at one of Anat’s favorites, Cafe Fez. They served us a large Middle Eastern cuisine with falafel and chicken kabobs and of course lamb and pita with tzatziki.  It was so delicious. I’m kicking myself for not trying this type of food earlier in life but then again my hometown doesn’t really have that type of cuisine. We have a gyro place and thats about it. Of course we had Baklava again and ended with this mint tea which they served in a special way (poured 3 times to steep well). We were stuffed but our next stop was to the Berry Farm where we would be able to pick our own berries for tomorrows breakfast (blueberry ricotta pancakes). Well, we got to the farm and quickly realized that we would not be doing any picking of the berries. We were all a little disappointed as I think I was the only one who had previously ever picked any berries. So instead we tried their homemade raspberry ice cream. I could not have been more full, but it was WORTH IT.

Anat and Peter decided we would go see a movie at the Bright theater. They chose “Why Him?” a comedy with James Franco and Bryan Cranston. I think we all thought to ourselves, good choice! I know it is definitely a film I wanted to see. Within the first 5 minutes the awkwardness hit us like a brick wall. Something about sitting next to parents (especially someone else’s) when anything sexual in movies happen. But Anat and Peter were right there with us cracking up at all the hilarity in that film. We all really enjoyed it and I highly recommend seeing it.  After the movie, I think we all needed a drink. Bright Brewery was just next store and was popping for this small town. We tried a flight of their beers. I’m not a huge craft beer drinker although one of my interim jobs was working for a brewery back home (Shoutout to Brickstone Brewery, Bourbonnais, IL) and it definitely helped me appreciate beer and the brewing process. I can honestly say I like more types of beer than 10 years ago so that’s a win. Brickstone-if craft beer was more popular here, I’d say it would be a venture you could easily dominate. Surprisingly, craft beer isn’t what it is in the states. One thing you will find is espresso martini’s on every menu.

What was going to be a chill day turned into quite an eventful one. I am incredibly thankful for all these new experiences with some really amazing people.

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