Hotham not Gotham

Wednesday December 28th, 2016: The White Walker Forest

Anat made us all blueberry ricotta pancakes for brekkie and despite not having the right pan, they turned out amazing. The blueberries we had picked up yesterday were a perfect addition.

Dad-I was hoping to find blueberry syrup to ship to you but they didn’t have any! I was so disappointed!

Anyway, us kids (Jamie, Madeline, me) took a road trip to Mount Hotham. Jamie wanted to show us this ski town he had been to years ago. It was about an hour road trip with crazy twisty turns. I am so glad I don’t get carsick because some parts were brutal! It was worth it though once we got to the top and saw some of the amazing views. I felt like I was in the clouds. The ski town itself was deserted as it is summer so there wasn’t much for us to do but take pictures at some of the outlooks. And we weren’t really in the mood for a treacherous 6 mile hike. As we got higher up on the mountain, I noticed the trees changing. I am not sure why they look this way but they could easily be trees in Game of Thrones. I named them the “White Walker” trees because they had a creepy feel to them. This didn’t stop me from taking some pictures in them though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We stopped at a local hotel/pub for some lunch. I ordered a child’s size of fish and chips, which was the perfect amount. The chips were amazing and came with a perfect aioli. We spent the rest of the day relaxing before our dinner at Thirteen Steps. This was another swanky place with excellent food. The service was a little questionable as our waiter kept pouring our wine aimlessly and spilling often. Our table was right by the kitchen and it just seemed frantic.Not to mention he forgot or messed up my order so I did my best not to eat the side dishes while everyone at their main course. My duck came out and was mostly overcooked because they probably rushed it. However, this was still fairly delicious despite the drama.

The weather has really taken a turn with the clouds and rain. It is really killing our Kubb vibe. Our area that we had been playing in is now under water. We are in Bright for one more day and then we head back home to Melbourne! While in Bright I read Amy Schumer’s book “The girl with the lower back tattoo.”  I have to say that for thinking she was my spirit animal, she is pretty different than me in a lot of ways (who knew she was an introvert?! Although I have my introvert tendencies, I think we all can agree I’m mostly extrovert). I liked the book (thanks Tess!! Sorry it took me so long to read!) and enjoyed her wit (that is similar to mine). I would recommend grabbing a copy and just reading the lists she has in it, those were very entertaining.

And now some more pics of Roos! Because I can do what I want with my blog.




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