Who’s Dick Did I see?

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017: Do I have abs yet? 

As many of you know, I don’t waste time when it comes to men and dating. Tinder guy never had a chance. I basically harassed him demanding videos talking because I, along with many of my friends, were not convinced a man like this actually existed. When I asked him for a video selfie-snap of him saying my name, after explaining and demonstrating how you can take a picture of another picture on snap, he deleted me from Tinder and Snapchat. If that isn’t an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. It was kind of anti-climactic though. I gave him at least 3 chances to confess to his insecurities. I wasn’t even mad. I get it. Would I like to put up only the skinny and glamorous photos of myself online to lure men in, of course? But I’m a realist and the last thing I want is to attract a guy who wants me at ONLY my best. That isn’t real life, weight fluctuates and beauty ebbs and flows too. In fact, I would have considered remaining friends if he would have just had the balls to admit he was wrong. Now I’ll never know who belongs to that mediocre dick…

But because I’m a feminist and I have to look out for all my girls out there being lied to by this fraud, I had to report him to Tinder police. Once a match deletes you though, its like they never existed and reporting them becomes a much harder task. I was up for the challenge because its the principle guys!! Luckily, I had screenshotted his pictures and some of our conversation (purely for entertainment purposes to send to my friends). I emailed Tinder and sent the pictures. They responded with, “We’ll look into it.” Not sure they mean it or even really care, but I feel as though I did my civic duty for the day. I never thought I would be thankful for all those hours wasted watching “Catfish” on MTV but I am. Hopefully this creep learns his lesson. I’m sure its normal to feel a little disappointed that this beautiful man wasn’t real and that part of the attraction I felt was based on lies but life goes on and thankfully I had been chatting up some other guys to ease the disappointment. Can you blame me?? Whoever the man in these pictures is…bless you.

Apartment Search Update: We didn’t get the apartment we applied for last week. We were all pretty bummed as we were fairly confident that could be our home. The realtor said our application was strong so we at least got some reassuring feedback. Back to Square 1. We looked at more apartments (3 just today) and nothing but shoeboxes. Its hard not to feel disappointed but we are doing our best to stay positive.

When I woke up today, I said to myself, “Tomorrow I’ll be in Bali with my BFF Jill Bill!” There really isn’t a better way to start your day. Little did I know that pure chaos was on rearing its ugly head my way. We started an 8 week challenge at Wards Gym Monday. Shit went from 0 to 100 real fuckin’ quick. I went from not really working out to doing High Intensity Interval Training at a Crossfit gym (I know I know, I said NEVER but I’m trying to be open minded guys). So we’re talking burpees (suck a fat D), rowing, running (FML), hang cleans, squats (LOVE), presses, and hand release push ups (new to me-jury is still out), etc. Metcons and timed events and lots of AMRAPs (as many reps as possible). I’m fairly confident I’m not the biggest fan of this type of training, but I also believe in trying new things and getting outside of your comfort zone. So I’m giving it a real college effort. Needless to say my whole body is hating me right now. I am next level sore. I am trying to welcome the pain with open arms because I know it means a healthier version of me. I was able to get 2 solid workouts in before Bali (not really ideal to leave in the middle of a challenge but you gotta live life, am I right?). I’m hoping we will be pretty active while there, so I can at least maintain and not gain weight. Although Jill and I love to booze together so we’ll see how that game plan works out.

OMFG best news ever today! My girl Madeline finally got her visa!! She’s been waiting for the finalization for over 10 months so this is AMAZEBALLS. Now she can stay in AUS, work and get health insurance! The final step in that process is her leaving the country for 5 business days so it looks like we need to plan a trip! She immediately looked for last minute trips to Bali for her and Jamie to join Jill and I (this would have been ideal for me since I would love to have them there with us) but it was way too fucking expensive. Next idea was New Zealand, which I begged them to wait until I return so I could join them. They were so kind to oblige. Once Jamie gets a good idea, he really zones in. He found amazing flight deals so we booked our trip today. We leave January 29 for a week in the southern part of New Zealand. I’m so pumped. I had literally just expressed to Madeline how I was getting a little antsy about planning some travel and now shit is getting insane but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I came here to see the other part of the world, so BRING. IT. ON. I also had some Hertz points left so I used those to get us a free week of a car rental. They will work on our accommodations while I’m in Bali.

We had another family dinner after our gym session today and it was taco night! YASSSS. Aaron joined us again. Peter was being his usual self and telling me I needed to check my flight because it was probably cancelled. Apparently TigerAir isn’t the best airline ever. I booked them through a Flight Center (travel agency in Aus) because it was the cheapest last minute direct flight deal I could find. I didn’t think twice about his comments. Aaron knew better though and decided to do a little research into my flight. He found out that all TigerAir flights were cancelled today, tomorrow (my flight) and Friday. It was fucking 7:30pm the night before I was supposed to fly out. <INSERT PANIC ATTACK HERE> Apparently, TigerAir wasn’t following some Indonesian regulation and the government said, “No flights for you!” If this would have happened a few years ago, I would have cried, freaked out and then tried to deal with the hot mess that this was. But because I have been traveling for some time and had relatively amazing luck thus far when it came to flights-I knew that this could eventually happen. I didn’t have time for the panic attack, I went into straight “Get Shit Done” mode. Jill was already in the sky heading to Bali so there was no other choice but to try to quickly rebook. I’m so thankful I booked through a Flight Center because they have a 24 hour emergency line in which I spoke with Lyndall (one amazing chick) and she helped me to completely rebook my flights.  I would have some lengthy layovers in Sydney but at least I would arrive in Bali on the same day (only 8 hours later than the original plan) and leave basically the same time as my previous flight. So before this shitstorm, I was flying direct/non stop from Melbourne to Denpasar with TigerAir. Now I was flying Virgin from Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Bali with Qantas (my second time with them so I knew what to expect-movies, If I couldn’t sleep!). Flying home I’ll be with Virgin from Denpasar to Sydney, another 6 hour layover, and then TigerAir back home to Melbourne. I’m hoping I can at least check my bags early during my layoffers so I can leave the airport to do some sightseeing in Sydney. I was hoping my first time there would be to actually visit, not for a few hour layover. Anat gave me some great recommendations on what to do during my time there. You know how when shit doesn’t go right for your and you’re feeling a little helpless-its really nice to have a mom/dad hug to pick you back up. Anat did this for me and I’ll be forever grateful. That mom-hug was definitely what I needed. I paid a shit ton more for my flights, so I’m really hoping that TigerAir comes through with a refund since they royally effed up. Or hopefully my Chase card will be able to help a sister out. If I’m shit out of luck on both accounts I will be out an additional $1k which isn’t ideal since I had planned on doing a LOT more traveling but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. For now I’m going to focus on the present and all the good shit happening.

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