Bitchin’ Bellinis

Saturday, January 14th, 2017: Day 2 Legian

Not much to report today as we had quite a late start. When we were all up and ready to go we decided to check out this Vegan place for breakfast/lunch (Jill is Vegan). The menu looked good but we were all hungover and all I really wanted was fried cheese (I would not be getting this here). The food was ok but because I was hungover, my hunger was not even close to be satiated.

The quarter mile walk back to the airbnb seemed endless. We all needed a nap, so thats what we did. We decided to try a cool place for a good sunset location and Ku De Ta (located in Seminyak) came highly recommended. It really had a cool vibe with the DJ playing some jams by the infinity pool. Jill and I ordered some raspberry bellini’s while we waited for Brian to get there. I have to say I enjoyed the ambiance of this place. I was so hyped for another sunset and equally let down. We came to Bali during rainy season so cloudy days were the norm. Man, they were killin’ my sunset vibes. Once Brian got there we got a table to eat. It was a pricey place but the food looked really good. I told Jill she owed me from the crap lunch earlier and the food surely made up for it. It was delicious. We even had some guy come by the table to do magic tricks. Might have been the hangover slowing me down but this magician was talented. I only caught a couple of his tricks. I know I looked like he was blowing my mind with my jaw practically on the table.

We were close to La Favela, which we also had been recommended. It was only 10pm so it hadn’t quite picked up yet but it was such a cool place. It was very dimly lit but gave the vibe of a prohibition type bar in the jungle. All of us were feeling this place, minus the grumpy old dog in the back. He was pissed and barking at everyone that walked by. Some teenager warned us not to get too close to the dog. Trust me, I wasn’t going anywhere near him. haha.

We got some fancy cocktails and chilled in a lounge area. This place was pretty big so the areas to sit were endless. I will say this, it seemed like every table at every place we went to had a “reserved” sign on it. Yet they stayed empty. Not sure what kind of trickery Bali is working with here but that seemed odd to me. Like were they thinking, “if we reserve it, they will come?” If someone knows, pass the knowledge along.

Jill and I are both 30 (she has a couple weeks left saying that) and Brian is 35 so we don’t bounce back like we did in college after a rager. None of us were fighting the urge to go home early. Although I did want to see La Favela turn up like people said it could. But maybe another time.

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