No plan is the best plan

Sunday, January 15th, 2017: Day 3 Legian/Seminyak

Our gameplay yesterday was to go to Potato Head Beach Club but since we got such a late start, I convinced Jill and Brian we should try to go Sunday instead. Well we woke up to a storm and more clouds. Whyyyyy? After talking to Arjen and asking him if we could keep our things there until we made our way to Ubud later that evening, we decided to go anyway. Arjen assured us that the clouds will clear up and to just walk to Potato Head along the beach, it would be a nice walk. Roughly two miles later we reach Potato Head. The walk along the beach was not one you read of in romance novels. These beaches were full of garbage and we were scared to take our sandals off. *you can kind of tell in this picture*


But we made our destination and the clouds had semi-cleared up. Potato Head requires you to spend a minimum amount depending on where you sit. We decided to get a lounge area (minimum 500,000rup) as we were going to eat and have drinks. This place was super cool, it had a great vibe and we thought maybe our day had been saved!

We ordered our first round of drinks, which were delish and not cheap, so that minimum wouldn’t be too much of a problem. We were starting to get warm and decided to get in the infinity pool to order our next round of drinks. When we sat down at the swim up bar, we met Sarah and Nick-a newly engaged couple from Melbourne! I was pumped to be making some more Aussie friends. They were telling us how they were there celebrating their engagement and Nick’s birthday and that they were trying every drink on the menu. Jill, Brian, and I looked at each other and said “yup.” And thus the race to finish the menu began. Now these were specialty drinks, not just like pina coladas. Some had fruit foam on top, some came in a seashell-they were production type drinks and we were here to DRANK. I can remember saying we should probably eat at some point to both Brian and Jill, but neither seemed interested and I wasn’t going to eat by myself (mistake 1). We ended up meeting 2 more couples, Harley and Georgina (gorgeous Gold Coast couple-he’s a world champion wake boarded and she’s a swimsuit model. Troy and the Russian-not really sure on their relationship or her name but they were fun). I think we really brought the fun to Potato Head, people just kept joining us. The sun was setting and things were winding down when Harley and Georgina invited us all to their villa at the W Hotel. On the walk there we stopped at a mini mart and got food and booze. Their suite was unbelievable. They had their own pool and two areas for lounging. It was insane. We were all shitfaced and partying like we were Harley and Georgina’s age (23/24 I think)! At some point the three of us realized we wouldn’t be making it to Ubud that night nor would be getting our stuff. I don’t even know when this happened but Brian used my phone to message Arjen (our airbnb host) that we would pay him for another night since we were having so much fun. Arjen never got back to us but we didn’t think twice about it since we were in booze mode. I think I passed out (too much booze and no food will get me EVERY TIME) and when I woke up I was in one of the lounge chairs by the pool. I ended up puking between the two chairs (not my finest moment) but it worked out because my puke went right into the slits in the deck. haha. I was a shit show but these fools were all still partying. Georgina somehow convinced us all to go out (damn her and her youth). I even found a second wind (had to be the puking). So we walked to this Champagne bar but they wouldn’t let Brian in because he had a stringer on and those kind of shirts weren’t allowed. Don’t they know this is Bali and anything should be allowed? Luckily, I had my dress swimsuit coverup in my backpack so I threw it to him to put on. The security guards were still not having it. Somehow Brian walked around to another entrance and got in. This bar was legit. They had people passing out free appetizers (I grabbed every single one that I could). They were also having a trivia night in which they handed out free shots for correct answers. I know what you are thinking, “Kristin, you already threw up, are you seriously drinking more?” Well, you’ll be happy to know I did not drink anymore but I was finding anything and everything to eat. This place had quesadillas so I got 2 orders of them and shared with Brian. In the midst of the craziness, we lost Georgina and Harley. Jill, Brian, Troy, the Russian, and myself made our way back to La Favela (it was right across the street) and it was HOPPIN!! I was so excited. Again I danced my ass off. At one point Troy leaned in and yelled to me, “your dancing is amazing! like Wow!” I aim to please, I aim to please. haha. At some point we had enough and decided to head back to the airbnb. Now I’m sobering up at this point so the guilt starts to flood my system and I’m thinking that Arjen and his crew threw our shit in the alley like there is no way this is going to be an easy ordeal. I was already embarrassed about how irresponsible we were being. I’m sure some 19-22 year olds wouldn’t think twice but again we’re all in our 30s and so know better. Well I was right, they had locked us out. I didn’t see our stuff in the street so maybe it was still in the room. Brian is trying to open the gate aka break in, the dogs are going nuts, we are drunk and  super loud. Finally one of the workers comes by (we woke him up), he says we were supposed to check out, we respond with yes, that obviously didn’t happen and we’ll pay for another night. He lets us in, thank god! What a shit show. I told them before we passed out that we needed to set an alarm and get the fuck out of there as early as possible. I am too old to be yelled at and Arjen doesn’t have the most forgiving face.

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