Escaping the Monsoon

Monday, January 16th: Day 4 Ubud, 

I set my alarm early because I was not trying to waste any time getting the fuck out of there but apparently my homies had plans to sleep so I ended up going back to bed. When we woke up, we volunteered Brian to talk to Arjen to smooth things over. He even made us breakfast. What a guy. We ordered an uber and were on our way to Ubud.

Now everyone recommended going to Ubud if you want the gorgeous scenery and yoga vibes so I was excited to more or less be done with the party portion of our trip. As much as I love to booze, its not worth the hangover when you are limited on time in such a scenic place. The drive went from being total chaos and masses of cars and motorbikes to BAM rainforest and green everywhere. Not to mention the monsoon we were entering. The weather so far had been pretty decent with a few sprinkles and clouds but this was a whole new level. I knew it was rainy season but damn. I was so glad I brought my poncho (an absolute must have if you come during rainy season). Despite the rain, you can’t help but be in awe of the gorgeous landscape around you. Our Uber dropped us off outside the alley to our new airbnb. It seemed like we were smack dab in the middle of the main street. Kudos to Jill for primo location. We dropped off our things and enjoyed our afternoon tea at our room before venturing out and walking along the main road.

It was drizzling rain but it was tolerable. Jill and I stopped and had lunch at a place right around the corner from our room and it was BOMB. Sorry I can’t remember the name but our meal definitely hit the spot before we walked along figuring out prices for excursions and checking out all the little shops that lined the road. Jill likes to get jewelry as memorabilia from her adventures and I like to pick up a small piece of local artwork. I hope to have a whole wall full of paintings from all my travels one day. All of a sudden it started raining harder and we realized we didn’t have our ponchos or our umbrella. We decided this might be a good time to try a massage with hopes that by the end the rain may have stopped. We decided on a 30 minute foot massage which was really a whole leg massage. It was pretty relaxing and it was nice to just be pampered for a bit. After it was over, we realized our plan didn’t work as well as we hoped. It was still raining. We walked across the street and basically hopped into most of the shops just to escape the rain. We were both too stubborn to buy another poncho or umbrella considering ours were just chilling in our room. We stopped in a yoga clothes shop and Jill had her eye on a cute little crop top. It was listed as 140,000rup, which seemed a little steep to me. Especially since I noticed that a regular tank with all the fabric only cost 100,000rup. I made sure to say that rather loudly to the owner while Jill was trying the crop on. Its important you know that Jill doesn’t like to negotiate or bargain. I on the other hand get a total kick from it. It may have had something to do with my previous occupation of being a bodily injury auto claims adjuster (negotiating claims was the fun part). So when Jill asked the owner how much and he responded, “140,000rup” she looked in her wallet only to find that she had 100,000rup in cash left. She looked to me and asked me if I had any cash. I did, but I said to her, “No Jill, I don’t. Offer him what you have.” And she just whipped out her credit card to pay with that instead. <Palm to Face> Literally the perfect scenario for an easy barter and she blew it. haha. Sorry Jill, I know you try your best!

We decided our best bet was to try to escape the rain via a cafe. We found the closest cafe and ordered some snacks. I don’t know why I thought loaded nachos would be a good idea but I did. We stayed as long as we could but I think we finally realized the rain wasn’t going to stop. We headed back to the room to get ready to meet Brian for dinner. Later that night we met at Sjaki’s Warung (warung is the word for cheap eats). Some of the proceeds of this restaurant go to children with disabilities. They even had an area where the children were selling their artwork. It felt like we were eating with a  purpose so that was nice.  Jill and I weren’t starving since we had such a late snack at the cafe, so we just ordered some little appetizers. One week ago someone I follow on Instagram posted a picture in Bali and there were a ton of comments so I read them all to see if I could get an inside scoop on anything. I had read that most places in Ubud close down early and that it wasn’t really the place to go for partying. One girl had commented that the Laughing Buddha had an amazing band on Monday nights. Well it was Monday and we didn’t have much else going on. Brian headed back to his room for an early night. Jill and I headed to Laughing Buddha to check out this band, UnB’Rocken. WOW, bless this random girl on IG for the reco because this band was amazing!! It was such a nice little treat to have such great live music. We watched them until they were done and then headed back as we had a full day of touristy stuff to do tomorrow.


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