Spray Sunscreen can suck a D

Thursday, Jan 19th, 2017: Last Day in Bali

Since I went to bed so early the night before, I got up early and made myself go to the gym even though I wasn’t 100%. I just needed a pick me up and thankfully I only had a few moments of uneasiness with my stomach. I was able to get a decent workout in so that definitely made me feel good. The gym was pretty decent too. Most hotels or resorts really slack in this area and I was able to do a basic full body workout, so it was great. I met Jill for breakfast at the Club (how cool are we? ha). Jill didn’t have to go to the airport until later in the afternoon so we decided we should try and soak up as much sun as possible since we missed out on pool time yesterday. I just want to say that we have been good about putting sunscreen on this entire trip. We split our time at a few pools because why not? We ordered lunch and it was pretty expensive (we were used to cheap meals for the whole trip, so that was rough but I guess that’s just resort life). I went back with Jill to the room around 1pm to start organizing myself for my flight (it isn’t until 11pm). I had enough sun and when we got back we realized we had way too much sun. We were both so burnt. I suppose we probably should have reapplied a few times. Big mistake. This was no ordinary sunburn either. I guess when I did reapply with that damn spray sunscreen I missed quite a few areas and this burn was blazing. It was real attractive.

I said goodbye to my bestie Jill not knowing when I will get to see her again. She will be moving to Denver when she gets back and starting a new job so I’m so glad we made this happen (even if parts were rushed, more expensive, or full of being sick).

Brian stayed out in the sun and I was realizing how smart it was for me to come in because my sunburn kept getting worse as time went by. When he did come back to the room, he had a burn to match mine too. SUNBURN ON THE LAST DAY. come onnnnn. I had been so responsible this WHOLE time. And now I would look like a newbie traveler, damnit!!

We managed to get a really late check out of 4pm so I made sure to take advantage and take a nice long hot shower. We checked out but were able to stay on the premises until I had to leave for my flight. Brian and I decided we would share an uber as he was going back to Ubud. I had decided to treat myself since I had a rough couple of days and booked some spa treatments to take up some time before my departure.

With the club discount, it made the treatments so worth it. I ended up booking a 90 minute Traditional Balinese Massage and the 60 minute Pure Radiance Facial. Shoutout to my girls at the Intercontinental because, dayum that is exactly what I needed. I was greeted with a warm drink and taken to the changing room. I then picked out my oils for my massage. Before you go to the room, they do a foot massage (she skipped the exfoliation part since I was so sunburnt-Bless her). Ms. Tari said to me, “you white, that’s why you burn.”  I guess Captain Obvious was massaging me! haha. I let it slide since she had magic hands. Now I’ve had massages before but that was the first time I’ve ever had my belly rubbed (it was pretty weird, I wouldn’t recommend it). Ms. Tari also didn’t leave the room when I was to get undressed (is this a thing? because I wasn’t prepared). But I went with it, I’m not shy. I tend to be naked as long as possible when I’m getting ready to do anything anyway so what the hell. I can’t say enough good things about how relaxing and lovely the massage and facial were. I’m fairly certain you are supposed to shower after a heavy oil massage right? Well, they said for me to keep it on for my “white skin.” Pahaha ok Ms. Tari.

I hung out in the departure lounge until it was time to hit the road. Brian and I got lectured the entire drive to the airport about how to use Uber properly because Uber is HATED in Bali. The drivers get harassed by hotels, resorts, restaurants, and the taxis. It’s kind of crazy but do you Bali, do you. I was hoping since I was getting to the airport for a late flight it would be less crowded but it was the opposite-total CHAOS. There were so many checkpoints. At one security gate, they wanted me to use another bin for just my passport (ughhhh) and I asked if anyone could help me out and grab one for me-fucking no one even acknowledged that I was asking a question. One girl even snickered at me. I just thought, how freaking rude. I realize it was crazy and people are in a hurry, but how hard is it to be a human being and help one another out every once in a while. Jesus. So I had to get out of line (my backpack already going through security) and grab a bin for just my passport. Not the worst but I get super anxious about not being near my stuff in airports. Karma is a bitch though because that same snickering sassy pants got stopped at security and had to take off all her jewelry and put it in a separate bin (haha, biotchhh- serves you right). Surprisingly, the Bali airport had a premier lounge I could chill in so I made my way there to enjoy the free drinks and food. It helped calm my nerves a bit despite it being incredibly crowded. Apparently they are letting everyone in these days (KIDDING!!).

Normally, when I fly (if I don’t bring a refillable water bottle) I buy a water after security to take with me on the plane. Today was no exception but right as I was getting to my gate there was ANOTHER security check and they took my fucking water and there was no where else to buy one before boarding the plane. Consider me annoyed. I was flying Virgin Airlines back to Sydney so I was looking forward to seeing how a longer flight with them would be.  Apparently, I should have never started my journey with Qantas because I had been spoiled. Virgin had tighter seats, less legroom and they gave you one meal (Qantas practically feeds you the whole time, its absurd) and no blanket and pillow (WHAT!). It was one of my more uncomfortable flights. I did sit next to a nice couple though. I just wish I had more room to relax. Pretty bogus. I tried to sleep as much as I could.

When I got to Sydney, I freshened up and met up with my friend Sarah (met her in the security line for the first flight to Aus) and had a small breakfast and we got to catch up. It was so great to see her. We got caught in a monsoon though, Sydney was raining cats and dogs and we were both riding the train. How we managed to make our way back to the train station without getting completely soaked was beyond me. But don’t get it twisted, I was still wet and looking like a hot mess on that train ride back to the airport.

I flew with TigerAir (the bastards) back to Melbourne. I don’t have anything nice to say so I’ll just keep that to myself. haha. It was so nice to see Madeline and Jamie! It felt like I had been away for so long! And they managed to sign a lease while I was gone so there was so much to catch up on. They got this adorable apartment in Fitzroy/Collingwood area and we would be moving in like 2 days after we get back from New Zealand. Talk about excitement!!


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