Focus: Sleep and Running

Friday Jan 27th, 2017: Where has the time gone?

Once I got home to Melbourne and settled back in, after all the laundry was done and I caught up on my sleep, I realized it wouldn’t be too long before repacking my bags to head to New Zealand with my roomies. This week went by so fast. I didn’t focus on too much as Madeline and Jamie had done most of the trip planning while I was in Bali (thanks guys!!) so I made it priority to get some running in that week before. I know I was sick in Bali but my body was loving being back in Aus. It didn’t take me long to recover 100% so I’m certain my case of Bali Belly was not as horrible as some might experience. I am just so grateful I didn’t really miss out on much more than a couple meals and cocktails.

I did spend a good amount of time dealing with the aftermath of my cancelled flight with TigerAir. Flight Centre was amazing and taking care of most of the leg work (thank god). It would appear that I’ll be getting a full refund of my original flight within 4-6 weeks. Why on earth it is taking that long is beyond me! If you pay with a credit card, a reimbursement should not take that long. Chloe at Flight Centre would also be asking for a refund of the price differential from my original flight and my rebooking. I love that they are doing this but I’ve heard TigerAir is a huge douche and probably won’t refund it. I’m still crossing my fingers though! So now I wait for my money.

We did manage to make it out for Australia Day (January 26th), which is basically the Aussie version of 4th of July. Its all about being proud of your country and I was proud to be here to celebrate with them.

Preparing for New Zealand was a whole other beast. I wouldn’t be in a tropical paradise but a much cooler environment, so I needed more clothes and more layers. We were flying JetStar so we had to purchase our checked luggage. I always give myself more than what I think because inevitably I always pack more than what I need (although I’ve been trying super hard to beat this habit). Madeline did a killer job with the itinerary and wrote out the expected weather and what we would be doing each day so I could coordinate outfits better. I knew traveling with them would be nice and organized and I LOVED IT.



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