What you know about that Shipping Container Life?

Sat/Sun Jan 28/29th, 2017: Catching that redeye flight to Christchurch New Zealand

Believe it or not this was my very first redeye flight! I was always one to book earlier flights just so that I could have that day in my destination but considering we were looking for cheap and we didn’t have time restrictions, this overnight flight was our best option! And I don’t hate it. It was nice to have a day to chill (knowing you were all packed and ready to go). We had dinner with the family at some Asian fusion place near Aaron’s house. It was really good, but Madeline, Jamie and I were all trying to eat the basics since we didn’t want some funky business happening while we were on the flight. Luckily the food was really good and it wasn’t anything too crazy.


We got to the airport with some time to spare and made use of the space in the terminal by doing some squats and lunges. Don’t make fun, it’s good for you!  We boarded our flight behind a man who was bringing a Torah as his carry on. It was crazy how big it was. I honestly have no idea where he put it. He might have had it in his lap the whole time, who knows. He also had a bag which mildly upset me because you are technically allowed 1 carry on bag for these airlines and shouldn’t the Torah count as another personal item?? Blurred lines man.

I had the aisle seat (another first as I usually book the window for sleeping) but I had my TRTL,so sleep wasn’t a concern for me. Follow that link if you want to check out the badassery that is the Trtl. My friend Jill got this for me for my birthday this year and I must say I have found it to be great. I look ridiculous wearing it while on the plane, but who gives a fuck? If I’m trying to get some serious Z’s while flying, I would much rather have the Trtl on, with my mouth covered than risk some mouth breathing on a stranger. Just saying.

So this backpacker gets on and sits (more like throws himself) in this seat. He’s got a man bun. I want to think I’m not judging but some people pull this look off and some don’t. He didn’t. He was violent in his seat, so I’m already questioning how this flight will go. Homeboy got up like 40 times during the flight, he reclined his chair for the entire flight (not a big deal but he wasn’t sleeping or in his seat that much, so was it necessary?), and put his freaking backpack in the aisle (people were legit stepping over it and he didn’t move it, I’m still shocked it took the flight attendant as long as it did to tell him to move it). COME ONNNNN. I have never wanted a pair of scissors so bad in my life. Not to injure him (I’m not a violent person) but to cut off that fucking bun he so clearly does not have the swagger to rock. Despite the madness that was in front of me, I still managed to sleep for a bit.

We made it to Christchurch and heading right to the Hertz counter to get our rental car (I was able to use my points to get us a free week-so glad I did this). However, I am an idiot and since I knew Jamie would be driving most if not all of the trip, I didn’t think it was necessary to bring my own Drivers License. IDIOT. Lesson learned for sure. Thankfully, the Hertz guy let it slide and we were on our way in our cute little Mazda 6. I have to say the sunrise that first morning really set the tone. As tired as we all were, it felt like a really great welcoming to our trip.


When we made it to our cute little hotel, we thought it best to get at least a few hours nap before we tackled some sight seeing. I probably could have slept all day but we had sights to see and foods to eat! It’s crazy since Christchurch is still trying to rebuild after an earthquake that happened in 2011. There are TONS of shipping containers everywhere that they are using for shops, cafes, and building structures. Its very unique to see but really gives the city some character. It would appear as though it’s an incredibly slow process to try and rebuild the city, but when they finish, it will be absolutely adorable.

Jamie found this awesome place for brunch, C1 Espresso downtown Christchurch. I ordered the BLAT bagel (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) with curly fries and an iced mocha. Oh how I miss normal iced mochas. SO in Aus and NZ, iced mocha is basically a coffee with ice cream in it. It is freaking delicious, but it’s more of a treat not a morning pick me up. I failed but also succeeded that morning because while I just wanted what I’m used to for coffee, my mistake turned out to be a delicious way to end my breakfast (which was also the bomb-highly recommend this cafe if you’re in Christchurch). Once our bellies were full, we hit the road to check out the small coastal town of Akaroa. Its amazing the landscape changes you notice as you drive. There were a million sheep farms and cows along the way. At one point, I wondered how they got such unique coloring on a cow, thinking it looked quite similar to an Australian Shepard. But as we zoomed by, I realized I had just mistaken a rock near a cow for a cow. I may have needed more sleep.

Akaroa is super cute and quaint. There isn’t much there to do but the sights are worth a stop. We tried some fudge at a local shop and walked the length of the town (maybe 20 minutes) and then stopped at a cafe for the local happy hour where I enjoyed some Pinot Noir and live acoustic guitar.

Before we started to head back we determined we need some road trip snacks. We picked up Snickers Pods (sooo good think cookie pod with a mini snickers in the middle), fruit rope, protein balls, and jerky. We were all over the place but thats how road trips work right?  We made a pit stop on our way back to Christchurch for some absolutely breathtaking views (see pics below).

For Dinner we checked out this cute shipping container yard where they had a few pop up restaurants. It was a pretty cool spot but we ordered from the wrong place. It took forever and they did not give a fuck. They only had two people working but still it was a mess. We all got our food at different times. The food was great but the bad service really ruined it for us. I will say this about dining in general in Aus and NZ; it is a whole new world. You are no longer in a world where speedy wins and so does the customer. Take a chill pill and relax is more the attitude. Plus no one is working for tips so it really doesn’t matter. haha. It is definitely something to get used to. We decided more drinks were in order since this was our official kick off day of our New Zealand adventure and made our way to a Mexican restaurant for margs/sangria. And the sunset was just as good as the sunrise that morning. IT was a great first day!

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