Hoodrat Shit

Tuesday, January 31st: Dunedin and Te Anu Trek

Well, this hotel had some thin walls. There were some people having a crazy night near or next to us. I was basically asleep when Mads starts pounding on the wall to let the people next to us know that we were trying to sleep (it was after midnight). Well my homegirl didn’t warn me and I was practically asleep so in my stupor I said, “Warn a girl before you do some hood rat shit like that.” CLASSIC

We went to The Perc for brekkie and then walked around the town stopping at the train station (shoutout to the creepy AF stilts man) and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.

We decided today was a great day to challenge ourselves to the steepest residential street in the world, Baldwin Street (what up 35% slope). And I thought Lombard Street in SanFran was bad!! haha. We made that street our bitch and decided we all deserved a treat. Since we found a Starbucks earlier during our walk (so unusual) we got ourselves some frappes. Ahh, reminds me of the states.

Next we went to St. Claire beach to walk and enjoy the beautiful weather.

We started our drive to Te Anu, which is where we would be staying before we took on Milford Sound early the next day. It was a very rainy drive (we were lucky to be in a car instead of trying to sight see). We stopped in a little town to eat a late lunch and grab food to make dinner and breakfast in the morning. Our Milford Sound tour was at 9am and we still had to drive 2 hours to get there so there was no time to linger in the am.  Our hotel in Te Anu was decent but the lady that checked us in was AMAZING. She made sure to tell us all the stops to hit up for pictures around Milford Sound. She also advised us that the torrential rain that day would make for amazing waterfalls tomorrow (WINNING!!). Originally, we wanted a later cruise for Milford Sound but for whatever reason we chose the early tour and that worked out in our favor, since the weather was supposed to be nice in the morning and then get rainy again in the afternoon. That is exactly what we wanted to hear!

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