Milford Sound Abound

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017: Milford Sound

Today’s post brought to you by Human Nature. I don’t have much to say as this day was basically a nature photoshoot.

We left at 6am for the 2 hour drive to Milford Sound. The Sunrise welcomed us with open arms. I was in awe from the landscape changes. We went from farms and fields to mountains and waterfalls.

1st stop Mirror Lake

Drive to the sound

When we checked in for our 9am cruise, they informed us that the boat we had booked was heavily damaged yesterday from the ridiculous amount of rain they received. We would now be joining another group on a much larger cruise (that came with free breakfast)-WIN

I present to you the Land before Time aka Milford Sound.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Metre Peak

The Chasm

Lake Marian Trail and Marian Falls

Glacial Crossroads

Lake Gunn

Eglinton Valley

As we made our way to Queenstown we passed Lake Wakatipu, which has to be the prettiest lake I’ve ever seen. The water color is RIDICULOUS. Apparently this is the cleanest lake as well which makes me wonder if people are allowed to swim in it??

After we checked into our freaking adorable Airbnb (kicking myself for not taking pics of it), we headed to Queenstown to check it out.  We ate at this little taco place and then went to Patagonia Chocolatier. This trip was becoming about ice cream and gelato and I love it. I tried their award winning banana split gelato and holy moly. I immediately ordered 2 scoops on a waffle cone to which the girl gave me a shocked expression (maybe a little judgey) and said, “Two Scoops?” I contemplated for 3 seconds but then said, “yep!” And then she proceeded to hand me the largest 2 scooped cone I have ever seen. Now, I know why her face scrunched up the way it did, but frankly I’m going to say that one is on her. I had been checking out other peoples cones to gauge the size and if that seemed like a logical choice for myself. I hadn’t seen anything that monstrous, so I was a little pissed because I know my own hunger for sweets and even that was TOO much. I think she just got a little overzealous. I did the best I could guys but I still had to get rid of basically one scoop of gelato in order to finish the cone. It was one of the saddest things I’ve done in awhile (RIP delicious gelato).

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