Got the DJ falling in love

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017: Queenstown, Luge/Gondola, The Winery, and our night out

Since we had a cute little house for our accommodations we bought a few things to make breakfast at home. Going out for every single meal can really make or break your bank account when traveling, so this was one way to chill out on spending a bit. We have 3 days in Queenstown (it’s one of the more popular spots in the south island) so it was nice to relax and do things on our own time. Up until now we had been going at about 100mph in order to see and do everything all while traveling to the next city. Queenstown is somewhat of an adventure capitol with sky diving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, skiing , etc. There was no shortage of things to do to excite a thrill seeker. I myself like adventure, but also with a dollop of safety; so I’m not one to do a majority of that crazy risk your life stuff. I did find something that peaked my interest when doing my research, the gondola/luge. The Gondola ride overlooks the entire town and was an absolute must but then I found the Luge ride to go with it at the top. I was so excited, I even wore my GoPro. Now when I researched the Luge ride, I got the impression it was a little more intense and longer than what it actually was so I was a tad disappointed. However, it turned out to be incredibly fun. We did the beginner track (this is required) and then the fast track. You can buy more rides on either track but seeing as though we are adults, once was probably enough. haha.

That view from the top though!!

Madeline found this burger place, Fergburger, that is supposedly the best burger in Queenstown, so naturally we had to try it. It always has upwards of a 30 minute wait but we couldn’t Not try it. Trying to decide on which burger when the place is well known is so hard! I ended up ordering the “Tropical Swine” which is Prime New Zealand beef, American streaky bacon (which is just American bacon), cheddar cheese, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli, and tomato relish.  I was most definitely not disappointed. I love a good burger and this hit the spot. No chips were needed as the burger itself is huge. It was messy but what good burger isn’t?

Next, we wanted to try “The Winery.” New Zealand is known for its amazing wine, but we didn’t have enough time to visit wineries with everything else we wanted to do. The Winery is a one stop shop where you can taste all the New Zealand wines and any kind you want. It’s dangerous really. You give them your credit card, they give you one of theirs and you go to a kiosk and choose your wine and size of pour and taste away! It was a nice atmosphere too. They had big comfy leather chairs to lounge in. Initially we really wanted to try their awesome charcuterie boards but then we had our Ferburgers and were stuffed. We also realized that all their cheese was Whitestone (we already went there!), so we would be tasting the same cheeses.

Our place was about 15 minutes from Queenstown so we just brought a change of clothes with us to spruce up for the evening. We decided we would do our own little bar crawl and started at 1876, which was closest to our car park. They had Pimm’s so naturally, I had to start with that!


Next was The Pig and The Whistle (which was practically next door). I got a $9 jug (only $2 more than a pint of their house ale) of their ale, which tastes like college (you know miller or coors light). Jamie helped me out with the jug but I got all sentimental about college and ended up drinking most of it. haha.


Next stop was Smiths, where we decided to eat a bit too. I had the Renaissance Cherry Porter and the pull apart bruschetta. Both were great. It was getting later into the evening so all the backpackers were out and the word on the street was that “Loco” was the bar to go to. So we went. Loco is basically a hostel hangout (think young/college backpackers). It was incredibly entertaining as the bar was having drinking competition to a free bungee jump. And I’m thinking the whole time, how in the fuck is that a good prize?? HEYYY Kiddos, drink this beer real fast and then you might win a chance to tie yourself to a rubber band and free fall into the mountain. Yea, no thanks.

The London was kind of hidden so we thought it might be worth a shot.  I was feeling pretty good at this point so I may have harassed the security a little. He lied and said there were people in there (when there was maybe 20). We got drinks anyway and I danced the night away because the DJ was pretty great. Mads and I were the only ones on the dance floor for most of the night. The DJ (named Louie) was in love with me. I know I exaggerate sometimes guys but you can ask Madeline or Jamie. He dedicated a few songs to me like “Glad you came” followed by songs saying how beautiful you are. Madeline said, “I love how body positive this DJ is!” haha, it was amazing. He also attempted to dance with me, announcing to the bar, “excuse me while I dance with my future ex wife!” And then he brought me a wet pussy shot. He was hilarious and fun. He wanted me to meet him when he finished his set but I wasn’t feeling it. Now, normally I am all for random make outs and hook ups while on vacation but this guy was definitely a smoker and well thats a deal breaker for me.

We ended up leaving around 12:15am. I love dancing and it was the perfect way to end the night.

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