Did you think I fell off the blog bandwagon?

Tuesday March 21st, 2017 Part 1 of 3: WTF have I been doing?

First off, I’m sorry. I was doing really good with blogging as much as I could, as often as I could but then Bali and New Zealand happened and then two days after we got back, we moved into our new apartment in Fitzroy. Whether you believe it or not this whole process took about two weeks. Packing and moving didn’t take too long because none of us had a ton of stuff, which was great. The hard part about not having much is now we needed to do a ton of shopping to get everything that we didn’t have. It was so much fun (who doesn’t love furnishing a new home?!)  but time consuming and draining to pick out colors and styles of things we needed. All in all, we did (and mostly Mads and Jamie) did an amazing job and we are all pretty obsessed with our place. Our location is legit. Fitzroy is this hipster neighborhood, only a short tram ride to the heart of the city. We are surrounded by a TON (and I mean ton) of cafes, eateries, shops and bars.  There is no excuse for being bored here. If you put a gun to my head and said “ok, thats awesome but does anything suck?” I would have to respond with the homelessness and that really comes with any big city, so what can you do. It just makes me sad and a little scared (only sometimes-you know when they are all drugged out and being crazy).

After I got all settled in, I started to go to work on my TigerAir (Bali flight) and Chase (Hertz windshield) claims. Being a former claims employee, I realize the work and time that go into handling these things, but I am also a consumer and fucking pissed I still to this day have seen nothing from either claim. TigerAir was so kind as to send out $300 vouchers but then failed to tell me that you have to use it all in one purchase, so I only got to use about $160 of it. Isn’t that kind of moronic? Like only 50% of a nice gesture, Dumbass. All I really want is my freaking money back, I don’t want to have to use your shit airline again.

The hold up with Chase is they need the estimate of repair for the damaged windshield. Hertz just charges you a set amount for the windshield dependent on the size of the car. Chase doesn’t like the “accidental damages” line with my charge on it and doesn’t feel its sufficient enough to process my claim. It just seems like a lot of leg work for $500. And Chase, I love you-don’t get me wrong, but you basically say in the benefits for my Sapphire Reserve card, “don’t take the car insurance, we have you covered (in my own words obviously).” What shit is this then? Pay the freaking claim. Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe where I’m at with this process.

I’m sure you are wondering about boys and dating (everyone asks about this like right away). I’m not really any further in to that rabbit hole than I was when I started. Tinder sucks and seems to just be getting me pen pals or stage 10 clingers (I love that they show their crazy like right away and therefore I can avoid meeting them). Most people wait a few dates so its saving me some time and effort. Although, part of me thinks I am just really great at picking up on crazy. Therefore, I have decided I am back on the hating Tinder train and re-downloaded Bumble to give that another go. I’m already loving what I’m seeing, but I fear that it will be similar to back home in the states. There will be a ton of hotties, some of which you match with and only some sporadically respond (since the girls have to message first).  Bumble is at least more aesthetically pleasing and I have the the upper hand. But I am constantly wondering if they are fake profiles (because there was that rumor going around).  J-swipe you did NOTHING for me so you’ve been deleted. I think I might have to meet my Jewish prince in real life if ever at all.

February is my hardest month of the year and it has been for many years now. My mom’s birthday is Feb 2nd and then the anniversary of her death is the 12th (which is also my best friend Jill’s birthday). And then there’s that shit of a holiday, Valentine’s Day (which I have been single for almost all of them). In the first couple of years after my mom died, I was basically in a state of mourning for that whole month. I would skip class or work because all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. Losing a parent really fucking sucks. After my mom passed, it seemed as though nothing made me cry. But now, I’m apparently an emotional woman and a lot of things make me cry (is this what getting older is?). Having some of my friends join me in the “Dead parent club” is probably the worst though. I have grieved some amazing people, but I also grieve for my friends because I know the struggle of that aftermath. When you lose anyone that is part of you (not just a parent), there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t think of them. The sadness goes away but the loss of that person in your life remains. It is a void and a hole that can never be filled and that SUCKS. You think you can’t recover from that but you do. You have to and you know that’s what they would have wanted for you.

The only positives for the month is Jill’s Birthday because then she is older than me for 7 months (haha) and also that it is the shortest of the calendar year. I met Jill (in 2007ish), I   realized that what was the absolute worst day of my life also happened to be a day that I was given one of the best friends I have. I didn’t realize how close Jill and I would become in those first couple years, but having celebrations on that day changed how I reacted to the month of February. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with it, but its a helluva lot easier than it was back then. This year I wouldn’t be with Jill on her big day, so it would have been really easy to revert back to my old ways of depression; however, there just happened to be a pop up “Nuts-About-Tella” and seeing as though Mads, Jamie and I all love Nutella-we had to go. We decided to make it a Sunday Funday in honor of my mom. There at the Nuts-About-Tella pop up I enjoyed the best nutella pizza I’ve ever consumed (and no this wasn’t my first). I ordered The Creation of Adam, which was Nutella, smashed Ferrero Rocher, Strawberries, Bananas, drizzled caramel, and sprinkles of powdered sugar (bc all that wasn’t enough). And yes, it was as delicious as you are dreaming about right now. Jamie got the ice cream and Mads had the Tella burger (nutella filled donut burger). None of us left deprived.

We decided we could use this day to do more exploring in our new neighborhood. We stopped for a drink at MJR TOM, where I had a beer named “Fuck the Rent.” It was pretty good and I loved the name (probably the only reason and decided on it)!


Next we went to Bad Frankie, a bar known for its specialty cocktails. We all decided to get something new. Madeline had the “beard and flannel,” a gin old fashioned with hops and grapefruit bitters (definitely the drink with the most bite). Jamie had the “cold drip espresso,” Tromba Tequila with Mr. Black Cold Drip Coffee liqueur and a shot of Little Dripper cold drip coffee. I decided on the “golden flip,” 666 Butter vodka with Tambourine Mountain Distillery wattle toffee liqueur, toffee, and an egg. Shaken hard and served with toasted black wattle seeds. We all won at Bad Frankie.  The drinks were well worth the wait and we enjoyed the character in this charming little bar.

It was such a great day which made the crash into the next day that much worse.

I usually FaceTime my family back in the states on Monday, which is their Sunday. So like most other Monday’s I was talking to my dad, when one of my sisters overheard something that she and I needed to discuss. I’m not going to talk about the fight that erupted from that but more or less the lessons I learned as a result of what was a rough couple weeks for me post drama. I guess I never expected to get into with anyone back home while I was here in Aus. It was unexpected and horrible timing as I was already emotional due to it being February. Like any long distance relationship (significant other or family/friends), communication is key. This was something I was still learning with regards to my blended family. We are all so different and handle/react to issues differently. Doesn’t make one way better than the other but it does cause some conflict when you don’t really know those specifics about each other (this was really our first fight). And I’m halfway around the world, so what could have been a 30 minute ordeal (in person) lasted like 2ish weeks because we were emailing (and I only got internet at our new apt like halfway through this fight and so I barely had any data left). It was an emotional rollercoaster as it was hard to get anywhere via email (she chose that channel versus talking-which was fine). I personally think that emailing brought up more issues than we needed to talk about, but it also aired some things both of us probably wanted to say. Eventually we just agreed to disagree and move forward because we love one another. It also brought up some other issues with my parents, which wasn’t easy. I look forward to my chats with my family once a week (when I was home I would talk to my dad almost every day) and I never wanted there to be such negativity or drama in our conversations. But we are all still learning and growing together as a family. So moral of the story here: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate and don’t expect all roses when you move across the world (because life isn’t all roses).

On February 18th, Mads, Jamie and I went to White Night, which is a cultural event that they put on in the city. They shut down Melbourne for 12 hours in order to celebrate the arts and culture. This was the 5th year and they had over 120 installations, projections, performances, and exhibitions to see. I mean there was something for everyone and it was spread out all over the city. It runs from 7pm to 7am so we didn’t even head out until around 9pm. Honestly, we should have waited even later because it was nuts. The streets were closed and there were just masses of people roaming around. I am not the biggest fan of this and can get pretty anxious but we were able to walk around and see quite a few pretty cool exhibits. I love the light shows on the buildings. They did this at Christmas time too and it is really enjoyable to watch.



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