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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017: Part 2 of 3-The Gay that fell into my lap

Now during the past couple of weeks I had become addicted to the Harry Potter series. It was one that I had never read but all my friends seem to be obsessed with so I thought I’d give it a shot. Madeline has the entire series and there really wasn’t a better time to get wrapped up in that world when mine was a hot mess with the family drama. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed each book and I was pretty impressed with how quickly I got through all of them. I even downloaded all the movies, which are also amazing. I totally understand why all my friends love this series and I would highly recommend anyone who hasn’t read them, to do so immediately.

Also, here’s a picture of an amazing brunch I had with Mads at De Clieu, just right around the corner from our place. Blueberry waffles with bacon… level shit right there


Ok so during this time, I had realized something was missing in my life and had determined that I needed a gay bestie. Not sure why I needed one all of a sudden since I didn’t have one back in the states. I even said this out loud to Mads one night. I am not kidding when I say the next day because it seriously the was the next day, I met Galen. We had gone to the gym for our HIIT class and there was this incredibly good looking new guy there (Galen). Me being the thirsty bitch that I am was all like “YASSSS, who dis?.” We ended up working out next to each other which was perfect, I could do some intel. I finally introduced myself to him because I noticed he didn’t have the Aussie accent and he told me he was from New York (born in Cali), immediately we bonded. When you are from a big city from the same country but living in another country, you just gravitate towards each other. We started chatting and then I realized he was gay, which was initially depressing because the man is beautiful, but then I remembered what I had said the day before and basically made him my new best friend (unbeknownst to him). Galen is also taking a leap of faith by moving to Melbourne. Unlike me though, he had visited before and knew what amazing city he was moving to. I liked him right away and just knew he would be a great addition to my amazing line of friends. He is currently living with a guy he hooked up with on a cruise ship over 8 years ago. They have remained friends, which I think is awesome and makes me wonder where John ,the hot Italian boy who took my virginity on a cruise ship is. OMG I literally just realized his name is John too (another hilarious coincidence). It took a few more gym classes before Galen finally got an Aussie number and we started making some moves. He invited me out to a girls birthday party where John and him would be. That was the night I rode the tram by myself for the first time and also the day I got my first haircut here in Melboure. I found this salon around the corner from our apartment, Barbarella. Prices were decent and my ends were disgusting so it was time to give it a go. After much deliberation about getting it colored (and friends opinions), I decided that I would forego the color and wait until I returned home (or maybe be done with that for a bit). Apparently the sun was lightening up my hair well enough that you couldn’t even see any outgrowth (that’s a fucking win man). So I let this girl at it with my long locks. This wasn’t a normal salon, this was a salon where all the stylists had some asymmetrical crazy color crap going on with their own hair (this only slightly worried me). I told the girl I wanted to keep it long as I still had a lot I wanted it to grow but I was realistic and I knew how unhealthy the ends were. She agreed and advised she would like to see a blunt cut as opposed to my layers. I said go for it. Four to six inches later, I’m sitting here with some side bangs and a blunt cut. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but its hard to lose that much length and be fucking pumped about it. You feel like you are losing part of yourself! Either way she styled it straighter than I ever could and I was ready to hit the town.


I met John and Galen at the Garden State Hotel, this incredible bar where apparently only beautiful people hang out. I felt incredibly underdressed in my black destroyed denim, booties and a cut off tan knit shirt with a leather coat. I looked very Melbourne (IMO) but wasn’t thinking I might walk into a bougie place. Girls were dressed to the nine’s in there. It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t get over with a few cocktails though. We proceeded to drink and I got to know John (Galens former lover/current roomie/and ex-cruise ship dancer). I loved him immediately. He is a ball of fun and another instant friend (whether he wanted it or not). John and I even drink the same drink, Vodka and Water (lame, I know but honestly with a lemon and lime its amazing). I met the birthday girl and all her ridiculously good looking friends and John, Galen, and I gawked at good looking guys for a while. After a bit, the boys decided it was time for some gay bars. We headed to some drag bar in Richmond and watched some amazing ladies do their thing. I was probably 1 of 8 girls there. Those odds would be better if I was in a straight bar, but its all good. Sometimes you just need a night out and not worry about creeping on dudes or them creeping on you. After the main show we left to go to Peel, a gay dance club conveniently located walking distance from my place (I pass it every time I go to the gym). Now this place was SERIOUS. John was telling us that they had some issues a few years back with women (mostly bachelorette parties) getting too handsy with the guys and they banned women entirely. Now all they do is make you sign a waiver stating that you will act appropriately. Also, one woman per gay. This was fucking intense. But again, I’m not here to get laid just to dance my face off. John and I were loving it and Galen was crashing, even after a round of shots. Galen ended up going home and John and I danced the night away. I was very much enjoying picking out guys for John to hit on. He spotted one in particular and I said, “GO FOR IT, what’s stopping you?” And so he did and the guy ended up being bisexual and more interested in me…..ummmmm ME??? what in the actual fuck is going on here? It was at that moment that I then realized that what just happened was an actual possibility of being at a gay bar/club. It isn’t just gay or straight these days!  So I danced with my new friend and supposedly we made out a bit (John filled me in the next day). I may have had one too many drinks and/or shots because I certainly don’t remember that. But I’m also not putting it past myself either (lets face it, that isn’t so far from my normal drunken activity). Let’s just say its been wayyyy too long since I’ve had any male attention so I was going to take it. haha. I can remember sitting at a high top table and watching John do his thang and thinking what time do they close?!? We had to be shutting this place down soon. I looked at my fitbit (yes I know, probably not the best accessory but when you are out at the club but I wanted my stats okay!) and it said 4:00am. What in the fuck? I wasn’t expecting that so I told John I needed to go home. He was amazing and walked me home and then proceeded to go back to Peel and find some dude to make out with (but seriously what time do they close, do they close?). I haven’t been out that late in so long. While I’m thankful I can still hang, I knew it would be a rough next day.

All of a sudden, Mads realized I have been in Melbourne 3 months and have yet to see the beach. So one random cloudy but warm day we ventured to St. Kilda Beach. We took a 45 minute tram to an adorable beach and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was nice, since it wasn’t blazing hot, to just relax and not worry about actually getting in the water to cool off. I brought my speaker so that we could listen to Galen’s March Spotify playlist (Marbourne 2017-Galen London on Spotify). Galen makes these epic playlists every month and the beach was a perfect setting to dive into it. As we were listening to the tunes and talking about life, the clouds parted and the sun started shining. What we thought might be a cooler, cloudy day turned into an absolutely perfect beach day: not too many people, hot but not too hot, and a few clouds every so often that brought a refreshing breeze. After a few hours of some vitamin D, we found a cute restaurant to split a pizza, some chips (aka fries) and an amazing jug of sangria before we took the tram back home. It was a fabulous intro to St. Kilda beach.

Later that same week, Jamie’s friend Michael (percussion in the Seven Ups) was playing with his band at the Brunswick Street Music Festival. We decided we would go check it out.  This awesome festival was taking over most of Brunswick with food, clothes, trinkets and music every stone’s throw. Galen brought his camera to take some artsy photos. It happened to be Sunday so we thought we would make it into a Sunday Funday. After the Seven Ups played to a pretty great crowd, we headed towards the Emerson. The Emerson is a bar that Galen had previously gone to that Friday and said it was really cool with an awesome rooftop. On Sundays, the rooftop basically turns into a gay meat market. Mads, Jamie, and I were not sure what to expect but we rolled with it and it really was a beautiful day for a rooftop bar. The Emerson turned out to be an amazing spot with incredible views of the city. We were really enjoying ourselves there and watching Galen scope out the guys is always entertaining.

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