Shits about to get a lot more interesting

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017: Part 3 of 3: The definition of living the dream

Galen bought this Lonely Planet guide book to Melbourne and he drafted me as his tourist buddy and I could not be more thrilled. His goal was to use one day per week to walk one section of this guidebook. It was a great plan to me so we decided to start in my new hood and work on the walking graffiti tour. Seeing as though Messina (the amazing gelato place down the road from me) was on our route, we had to start there. Galen was pleased even though he picked up a dollar Macca’s (McDonalds) cone on his walk to my place. Hey, when you love ice cream, you love ice cream.  Melbourne as a whole is definitely not lacking art. It is practically on every street you turn on. I think its great to allow artists do their thing and paint your city pretty. Trust me it is a way better outlet then letting them tag areas for no rhyme or reason like in Chicago. Some of these paintings are so huge, I can’t imagine how long they take. We stopped at Naked for Satan to have a beer at the rooftop (Naked in the Sky). This place was quickly becoming my favorite rooftop. The views were awesome and it was pretty hoppin’ for a 3pm on a random Tuesday. We enjoyed a couple rounds of brew before we continued on to find some more amazing backdrops for pictures. Galen is thinking of starting a blog about his adventures as well. I of course encouraged this as it is such a fun creative outlet and really its easier for some people back home to keep up with you. Plus he has a pretty legit camera and I know will take some epic pics. Our last stop was Smith & Daughters, which is a vegan/vegetarian eatery (Jill would be so proud). We nommed on some paella fritters (might be my fave) and jalapeño cheddar queso, and don’t forget the sangria! I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing this place was and I would definitely be coming back.

The same weekend as Moomba (a fun festival with water sports on the Yarra) was the first Donut and Beer Festival. You know I love a good donut, so Mads and I hit the tram to check out the donuts. We had to take two different tram lines to get to the location and were utterly disappointed once we arrived. There was a line to get in that seemed like a block long, maybe longer. People were apparently waiting 2-3 hours to get in. I wanted to try some donuts, but not that fucking bad. And when you want a donut, who wants to wait??  We decided to hop right back on the train and check out Moomba. Moomba reminded me of the Bourbonnais Friendship Festival (shout out to my hometown peeps) except this fair didn’t have a beer tent (color me disappointed AGAIN). It was pretty sweet to watch some wakeboarding on the Yarra River though. It was a pretty hot day and we weren’t trying to ride the rides so we stuck around for only a short bit. We decided to head back to our hood and grab some beers at Naked in the Sky (Naked for Satan). The rooftop was so crowded we had to drink our beer inside (bummer-we like rooftops more). So we left there to have dinner at Smith & Daughters (see told you I’d be back again). I had to introduce Mads to those paella fritters!! After we ate, we magically found ourselves at Breizoz (a french creperie-that we literally ate at a few days prior) for a dessert crepe. If you love crepes (savory or sweet), this place is for you. It is so delicious. That night we came home to the best sunset Melbourne has had yet.



That week on Galen and Kristin’s adventures we were doing a walking tour of the CBD (Central Business District) where we of course made it into a bar crawl. It happened to be a Wednesday, so I mentioned we should check out the Night Market (they had extended the dates-lucky for us!). We drank our way through laneways and ended up missing a few stops because they were closed. We got started a little late that day and shops don’t stay open late here (both amazing and frustrating). We ended up at some comedy club buying tickets for a burlesque show. We were 2 of maybe 10 audience members. It was entirely entertaining and I think everyone should have a burlesque Wednesday at least once in their lives. After the show, we made our way to the Night Market to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a jug of Pimms. The Night Market was flooded with people and vendors. It was amazing but it was such a hot humid day that it was borderline miserable. Our last stop of the day was this super grungy rock bar. Thank god I had been drinking or I don’t think I would have been able to use their bathroom. We ended up loving this place. Talk about fun vibes and the bands weren’t too shabby either.




Since I quit my job last year (so weird to say) I have been reading a lot more, which is awesome! My latest read was Big Little Lies, which has been adapted into a limited series for HBO. Seeing as though HBO is always cranking out hits, I wanted to read this book before attempting to watch the series. I enjoyed the book a lot and it was a really easy quick read. Mads, Jamie and I are currently mid series as well. I am a little disappointed that they didn’t keep the setting in Australia but it’s staying pretty close to the book.

One Saturday night I met Galen and his friend Parker, who was in town for work out for drinks. Parker had just gotten into Melbourne that day so he pooped out on us after Mr. Scruff’s (one of my faves near our place). Galen and I decided to keep on rolling and ended up going to a few more bars around my hood. We danced the night away at the Fitzroy Beer garden among what appeared to be every under 20 kiddo out that night (only have to be 18 to drink/go to bars here). But they were playing amazing tunes, so we enjoyed it anyway. Then I took Galen to Sircuit, the gay club on my street. Galen wanted to go home right as I entered party mode so I texted Mads to see if they were done at their friends engagement party. She said they were on their way home. Her and I ended up talking until like 4am. Aren’t those the best nights? I can’t remember a lot of our conversation but I know it was amazing. Life is just even more fabulous when you have fantastic friends to share it with. The next morning, her and I were both super hungover. We decided it was the perfect day to try Belle’s Chicken where they only have chicken and waffles on the weekend…winning! We also had Jimmy Grants later that same day (amazing souvlaki place). Seriously guys I’m not kidding about the food here. It should be no surprise why I’m having a hard time losing weight.

My latest read was “What I was doing while you were breeding” by Kristin Newman. Apparently she is the blonde older version of me. I felt like someone was telling my story. I really enjoyed this book and I feel like any single wanderlust girl should read it.


Mads and I had to wait 6 days after everyone in the U.S to see Beauty and the Beast. We bought these fancy Girls Night Out tickets that let us seen an advanced screening. We also got a good box with a bunch of makeup, a gossip magazine, popcorn, and a Choc Top (chocolate covered ice cream cone). It was a pretty sweet deal. The move theatre is inside a shopping center where they have a Coles and a liquor land, so we may or may not have bought some mini bottles of wine to take into the movie. We are such rebels. I cannot say enough good things about that movie. The casting was perfect and my girl crush on Emma Watson is in full effect. I definitely teared up a few times as I watched my childhood dance in front of my eyes. It doesn’t help that Belle’s mom dies but thats apparently like every Disney movie. Why does every story have to start off that way? So annoying. Anyway go see Beauty and the Beast, you won’t regret it.


I am days away from leaving for my epic 2 week long road trip with my girl Emma. I am meeting her in Cairns where we will tour the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest before we fly to Brisbane to start our actual road trip hitting Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Canberra before we land back in Melbourne. Once back in Melbourne we’ll do laundry and repack for 10 days in Thailand (Phuket and Koh Samui). I can’t even begin to express how amazing April is going to be! Once we return from Thailand, we’ll have a few days before we both head back to the states. I could not miss my girl Karen’s wedding (it will be epic) and then I’ll be jumping on a plane to the Bahamas with my family for a week. I can’t wait to be home and see all my people. It’s going to be a quick trip but a great half way mark for my year in Australia. Holy shit, half way already! That is nuts. Operation get a damn job is coming up real fast. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that but a paycheck will be great.

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  1. Nice informative blog Kristin! The pictures are amazing and I am so happy for you to be on this adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us! Be safe in your travels. Love you! Aunt Deb


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