All the feels and giggles

Tuesday Mar 28th Flight to Cairns and meeting my bestie! (Wow, it really is FUCKING hot here)

I have to apologize to my readers, I have been slacking hardcore but for good reason. The second I left for this trip, I have been going nonstop and doing some pretty fucking cool stuff. And I am DYING to tell you all about it. Time has absolutely flown by so again my bad. Sorry to keep you waiting. But here it is!

Can we talk about how fucking excited I was to see someone from home? My flight got in before Emma’s so I was just chilling at this little cafe in the Cairns Airport, so anxious. A little background info: Emma and I became friends a few years ago. We met at Xsport (local gym in Downers Grove, IL). She was such a badass, I was in awe of her strength and she quickly became my gym girl crush (this is a totally normal non-sexual thing so don’t make it weird). I finally talked to her and said she was a badass and we should work out together. Well it only took one workout to start what would be a forever friendship. I can honestly say she is one of the most chill laid back people I have ever met. Definitely a sweet soul with as beautiful a face as she has a heart. And dayummm what a bod (6ft tall and ripped). Again, not hitting on her, but if I was into that…duh. I had my reservations about traveling with such a hottie though. I’m not saying I need to be the hotter one (although that can be nice) but she looks like a damn model, so yea most girls insecurities would start to float to the surface. I have been struggling with my own self confidence so I wasn’t sure if this trip would help or make my own issues worse. Also, Emma is a personal trainer and had planned on working out while we traveled (I’m totally fine with this but since I’d been out of the game a bit, a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up). Emma and I were work out buddies and found ourselves going out together from time to time but were never what I would call “best friends.” So planning this trip was interesting. I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea if we would be able to get along for a whole month. I mean going on a week vacation can turn friends into enemies but we would be together 24/7 for a whole MONTH. But considering I knew how chill she was, I was sure that it would be fine. Plus, I like to think positively. And since we are mature humans, we talked about our concerns during the planning process.

Anyways, lets jump to when I first saw my girl. OMG the flood of emotions. When I moved to Australia, I knew some people would want to come visit. I thought and hoped it would be my family, but thats not a possibility at this time. I feel incredibly lucky to have  friends that are willing to make some sacrifices to do some once in a lifetime things with me on this year of personal discovery. Everyone I met back home was so excited for me and EVERYONE was like “I’ve always wanted to go to Australia!” To which I responded, “Come!! When will you know someone there again?” It was an open invitation and still is. I’m happy to have people come and check it out. There are always new things for me to explore, so it’s great. But I obviously don’t expect everyone to come visit. I realize its a huge time and financial commitment. Plus, I don’t have the room to house people so there is no free room and board peeps, plan accordingly. If you’re in Melbourne, we can meet up. And if you want to plan some stuff together, I’m game. No free lunches, you know what I mean?

Ok, so once we hugged for like a really long time we got her bags and set off to get our car from East Coast Rental. We walked outside and immediately were hit with the humidity. I guess I should just be lucky we didn’t have any issues considering Cyclone Debbie hit the east coast the day we arrived in Cairns. Thankfully it was more south of where we would be, however, we were road tripping once we got to Brisbane, so it was possible it would affect our trip.

We got our car and hit the road towards our airbnb. You guys, it was so cute and our host was a really nice lady.

We both ended up feeling a lot better than we had anticipated, I think we were rolling off some adrenaline. The decision was made to freshen up and make the most of our afternoon. I had wanted to go see Port Douglas but wasn’t sure we would have enough time. It was about 1 hour from our airbnb so we went for it. OMG this drive. It was ridiculously beautiful and both of us knew that if these sights were any indication of what we were about to see on this trip, then we were in for a real treat. We decided to go right to 4 mile beach first and then stop at all the amazing lookouts on the way back to Redlynch. We found some random hotel/resort, that definitely appeared abandoned except for the few random people we saw. Made our way right to the beach to find it practically deserted! Welcome to Cairns!

It was gorgeous and we walked and did some lunges and squats as we made our way down the beach. Told you we’d be working out. The water was warm but we didn’t go in too far because there were jellyfish warnings around and I had read about that and it was not how I wanted to start my trip (nothing like peeing on your friend on day 1, haha. NO THANKS). After we walked awhile, we started to make our way back. The breeze appeared to be picking up sand and kicking it towards us. It was crazy…and then we realized it was sand fleas. We started walking a little faster at that point. It was hard not to stop every 2 minutes on the drive back. The coastline was gorgeous.

We went to a local store to grab some snacks and stuff to make breakfast. This was the first time Emma tried chocolate Tim Tams. They were a hit. We ordered some thai food from a local joint and took it back to the airbnb. We made it an early night since we had to be at the Harbor by 8am the next day to go on our Great Barrier Reef Experience. And we were just getting started folks.



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