It’s day one and you already are the best wing woman ever!

Wednesday Mar 29th The GBR and The “real” Reef Experience

We were up and ready for our day with plenty of time to spare. I can’t help but think its my OCD that got us there with a good 30 minutes before we needed to board our ship. So we walked around the harbor taking pictures and finding a bathroom (hey when you have to go you have to go).

We boarded the Reef Experience and were given our snorkel gear and a full body stinger suit. I’m talking head to fingers coverage. It was super sexy (wink wink).

The breakfast on the boat was pretty good. Because of Cyclone Debbie, the crew had warned us that the waters would be choppy, but not too choppy to call the day. They were handing out ginger pills to settle stomachs and were selling dramamine with the warning that if you tend to get sick, take it before we really started to roll. I only saw a handful of people buy them. I am usually pretty good on a boat, but Emma and I still took the ginger pills with breakfast. You can never be too safe, in my opinion. It wasn’t 20 minutes into our ride that people starting making their way to the rear of the boat to blow chunks or just get some fresh air. Emma and I felt ok but opted for some fresh air after awhile. It was pretty choppy folks. We spent the rest of the time out on the back watching the water travel behind us. I felt really bad for a couple people on the boat who never really recovered and didn’t get to do any activities. The crew did warn us that with sea sickness, you can’t really recover once you get it and thats why they wanted people to just take the pills beforehand. I was really really glad that Emma and I managed to be fine. The staff gave safety talks and then the “marine biologist” on board gave his talk about all the marine life we would potentially be seeing. “Marine Biologist” Cam was fucking beautiful. Tall drink of water with dark hair, a bronzed bod complete with nipple ring, blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile. His marine life talk got me because you could tell he was a goofy dude. I totally admit I was staring and definitely wondering what he would be like in bed. Emma agreed, this dude was hot. Lucky for me, Emma had started talking to someone back home before she left. I warned her not to do this but at the same time I was happy not to compete for Cam’s attention. She said that if she met someone she wouldn’t hold back but she was pretty into Matt back home. I couldn’t believe how attracted I was to Cam. It had been awhile for me, not going to lie, but like sometimes you just get this vibe from people and I was practically drooling. Don’t worry I kept it in my pants for the most part ,but I’m a starer and I liked what I saw. He was working too, so it was easy for me to steal some looks while he tended the boat.

We snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and it was awesome. But we didn’t see much. It was a little disappointing. I was really wanting to see some sea turtles and sharks (I really wanted to see it all) and we didn’t see any of it. We did find Nemo, so that was cool but sometimes I feel like he’s overrated (TOTALLY KIDDING, that is the best movie ever!).

One of the reasons we booked this specific excursion is because it came with a free scuba. Normally, you have to get certified but they gave us a quick 30 minute instruction and then tested our skills. We had to regulate our ears, clear our snorkel mask, take out our mouthpiece and then put it back in (in the water), and then blow out any water. I was really glad Emma went first on this, I made sure to watch her so I could get this down. I have always wanted to scuba and we were both pretty pumped until we were sitting on the edge of the boat with our 50+lbs of gear on. Suddenly we were pretty nervous. After we passed our skill check, our instructor took us out, we were all linked together so that felt much safer. It was so quiet. I found myself focusing on the breathing and how wonderful it was to be able to breathe under water. It was eerily quiet and totally discombobulating. If you didn’t watch your bubbles rise, it would be easy to forget which way was up. Emma was the first person to be let go from our team link and boy did she kill the scuba game. I was next and was feeling pretty confident after watching her. Well it only took about 2 minutes before I suddenly started to rise to the top and I just kept rising until I felt a tug at my feet. Even with the 20lb weight around my waist, it was incredibly hard to stay down! It looked like I’d be hanging on to the instructor the whole time. Which if I’m going to be honest, I was more than happy with considering it was my first time. After about 20 minutes or so we headed back up to the top and were grabbed back onto the deck. I think Emma and I were in agreement that we had a good time but we were both exhausted.

And my nose is not cut out for these cookie cutter snorkel masks. I was hurting after all of that excitement. There was a rule on the boat that you could drink but then you weren’t allowed to  snorkel or scuba. Seeing as though we had just completed both at our first stop, we were ready for some beers. We were both on the same page that given our disappointment of the first snorkel and the exhaustion of the scuba, we were cool with just chilling on the top deck for the next stop. They served us lunch and then we were on our way to stop number 2. The skipper, was not having us giving up on the snorkel and she really tried to not serve us beers. I understand where she was coming from but like, let me buy a beer and just chill a bit. It could have been worse, I could have been puking the whole time like some of the ship had been. We waited until she left to get our beers and then make our way to the top deck to finally take off our full body stinger suits and get some sun. We met two girls from Boston while we sunbathed and they were pretty cool. When we reached the next stop, they went around asking if anyone wanted to snorkel or scuba again. There weren’t a ton of takers (apparently this was a huge deal because it never happens). I’m sure it had to do with the same reasons Emma and I were kind of over it. We didn’t see anything cool and we were super tired already because the water was so choppy. There was the option to go on the glass bottom boat though so we did do that. I thought it would have been cooler than it was but it was great to get off the big boat onto the smaller one.

When we got back, the crew was serving up our afternoon snack of a cheese and fruit platter with wine, yes and yes. One of the crew members could tell Emma and I were ready to drink so he slipped us another free wine. At this point in the excursion is when they try to get you to buy your photos from your scuba experience. Emma and I are suckers for some good photos so we were amped to see ours. I made our way towards Gavin, the photographer who also happened to be pretty cute, and I had had a few drinks so I start spitting my game. We find our pictures and well, lets just say something really fucked up happened. Have you ever seen that music video for the song “Black hole sun” by Soundgarden? A couple of our pictures reminded me of that.

We berated Gavin enough that he gave us those jacked up pics for free and then we bought the actual decent ones.  During this funny banter, Cam made his way over to join in. We shared some jokes about how my large non-Italian nose wasn’t made for those snorkel masks (luckily I can laugh at my own expense, years of practice and friends and family making fun of you helps-for real, I’m getting a nose job though). This goofy back and forth just reeled me in even more. I had to have him! After we docked the ship, the entire crew was waiting and gave us high fives on the way out. When I high fived Cam, he said, “And by the way you have a beautiful nose.” haha, oh man he was going to get it. I asked him where they would hang out after and he told us the Pier Bar. Emma and I locked eyes and they said yep, gotta make that happen. We walked back to our car and freshened up as much as we could. I’m going to just say I wasn’t at my best ,but this wasn’t going to stop me from trying. A girl’s gotta eat. The walk to the bar was pleasant but we were starving so we were just excited to eat. When we entered the bar, we didn’t see any of the crew so we just grabbed a couple beers and ordered a pizza while we waited it out. Who knew if Cam would even show up?? But after about 30 minutes or so, he showed up. They sat outside since some of them smoked (not Cam-Praise the lord). I started to get nervous as there were girls out there with them. Cam was practically surrounded. All of a sudden I cared that I didn’t look cute and I started to get really nervous. Emma is a fucking godsend because she reminded me that I’m a fucking 10 and if he can’t see that then he’s the idiot. Boom. Sometimes you just need your super amazing friend to whip you back into shape. So I walked right up to them and started engaging another crew member in conversation. For whatever reason, this made me feel better. Avoid Cam and then maybe he’ll make his way over. Well he did and then I ordered shots. Flirting was on point but then there was this other cutie with long curly blonde hair and adorable glasses. At first I thought, maybe I should rethink Cam but then I remembered that I am not really into blondes and maybe Emma thought he would be cute. Don’t be selfish Kristin. Then all of a sudden, Cam is getting ready to leave. I get his number and immediately feel bummed. Like damn, did I miss the opportunity? Instead of letting it get me down, we chatted up the rest of the people we had made friends with and enjoyed some more drinks. I was feeling the alcohol now and ended up texting Cam. He said that we were more than welcome to come over to his place as he was just going to be smoking weed. AHA, a pothead! Maybe that was why he was so flighty? It was getting near feeding time again for Emma so she told me to text back, “Ok, we’re coming over but make sure there’s food. Emma’s hungry.” And when we arrived at his house, his roommate was cooking up quite the meal. They even had a couple dogs too. Cam’s roommates were really nice young guys in their early 20s (Cam being 24). Cam smoked some weed and we chatted and watched a little netflix (this was clearly not how I saw this going). So I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed Cam and demanded he show me his room (classic). I gazed around at his stuff for 2 seconds and then went for the kiss. Oh man, did we have chemistry. You know when you just meet someone and they kiss like you and that spark is going off like a fireworks?? I also call this vagina tingles. This was right now for me. I’m a 30 year old single woman, who isn’t afraid to have sex with marine biologists from the boat. So that is what I did and I was a pleased woman. Cam was very well endowed and knew exactly what he was doing (great, I don’t have to teach, another win). His skill did make me think about how many girls from the boat he brings back (but only for like 3 seconds). After, he demanded a cuddle session (not really my thing but I needed a breather) and then he went for round 2. Is this a thing the young kids are doing now? Because I can remember being 27 and dating at 25 year old hottie and I had to practically beg him to have sex 2x in one day let alone twice in the span of an hour!! I was feeling like I hit the jackpot tonight.  Once we had finally finished and got dressed, we made our way back out to the living room. Notice I didn’t say “Living room of shame,” there is no shame here. I saw something I wanted and I got it. I used protection and I was smart and it was an amazing experience. The sex gods were with me that night because in the kitchen waiting for us were two plates with dinner. I was feeling like I had just won life. I loved that Emma was so content as well. She was playing with the dogs and hanging out with the roommates. After a bit, we left and Stella had gotten her groove back! It was officially the end of Day 1 and I had already seen the GBR and a really amazing naked man. I couldn’t imagine how the rest of the trip would go!


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