Adult Spaghettios taste like shit

Sunday April 2nd-Gold Coast Hangover:

After a night like that we needed some recovery time, so we definitely allowed ourselves to sleep in a bit. We hit up Local & Co for a ridiculously delicious brekkie and a couple coffees to get us going. I had heard about Local & Co through this Aussie Fitness Lady Emily Skye, she frequents the one in the Gold Coast and always posted about it on IG and Snapchat so I was super excited to try it. Their food did not disappoint. I even DM’d Emily, letting her know we were there because of her and that we would be available if she wanted to work out! haha, hilarious to think that we could have gotten a response. The girl has over 2 million Instagram followers. I’m sure she gets over 500 dm’s a day right? I’m an idiot. But sometimes you have to try right?

The weather was decent at the moment (rain was in the forecast) so we decided to stroll along the beach. It was super freaking windy though. Nothing like eating some sand. I don’t think sand is low carb either.  The beach was beautiful though and I loved all the tall buildings lining it. We had intended to just chill on the beach but then the rain clouds starting coming in so we literally had to run back to our airbnb. Sidenote: running with a backpack…why is it that no matter your age, you always feel and look like that awkward 3rd grader drowning under a book bag?? Now picture this on the beach, in shorts, and also hungover. Really attractive people.

We ended up walking around Main Beach some more and getting another coffee before heading to dinner. We made the mistake of asking our host and her man friend (who was over-not awkward at all) what we should get for dinner. They recommended Domani’s because I said I wanted a nice salad. Emma and I got there and they had some guy playing the jazz flute and tons of middle aged people dancing. So far, I was skeptical.

It appeared like a fancy restaurant with the nice white linens and the candles. Emma and I decided to split a chicken and beetroot salad and the chicken risotto. I think we had really spoiled ourselves up until this point. It was our first super disappointing meal. The chicken in the salad was nasty and the risotto sauce tasted exactly like a can of spaghettios. Our meal did not cost the same as a can of spaghettios so yea, we were a little bummed. We cheered ourselves up with the promise that we would go back to Local & Co the next day for breakfast and to chill before we hit the road to Byron Bay.

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