Apparently everything is named Ocean Shores

Tuesday April 4th-Day 2 Byron Bay:

For $15, we visited Brunswick Fitness and took over the free weight area. It was another rainy miserable day so we decided to get a good sweat going in hopes our endorphins would help us embrace the rain. I was really enjoying our lifts together as it reminded me of how amazing my gym family I made back at home is (shoutout to my peeps, you know who you are). After a great workout we made our way back into town and visiting the place I think our host was recommending to us yesterday, Ocean Shores Tavern. Its like its too hard to be original or something. We split the fried prawns, Thai fish cakes, and the calamari. Nothing like eating every calorie burned and then some, haha! It was worth it though.

After we showered, we made our way to Cape Byron Lighthouse for the amazing views. We parked and managed to get a few pics before the rain started again and we ran into the lighthouse. It wasn’t that big inside, so it was hard to hide from the rain and the masses of people with the same genius idea. An older man, who ran the lighthouse tours, started chatting with us and we decided to snag the last two tickets for the next tour. I’m not huge into history and I don’t think Emma was that excited about it either, but listen to my thought process: we would be out of the rain (it was sporadic, so I was hopeful it would quit soon and we would get to go up into the actual lighthouse, giving us even more amazing views. It was from this view that we noticed another trail along the backside of the lighthouse.

Many photos later, we made our way into town to check out the local situation. We of course went shopping before hitting up Beloporto (a highly recommended burger place) for dinner. They are known for their chicken burgers so of course we had to indulge. I tried a Belo and Emma had the Hawaiian. We enjoyed them but I’m thinking most of the hype has to do with how cheap they were. They had a special that day where all burgers were $10, so that was a win.

We did some more shopping and were trying to figure out if we wanted to check out a local pub or not. We eventually roamed around and just bought some booze to take home with us. But our final stop was at a swimsuit store where we literally made some purchases in like 3 minutes because they were closing up. It was amazing that we got the right sizes! While visiting a store with artwork (finally!) we saw some koala coasters that would serve as some definite inspiration for the tattoo that Emma and I were wanting to get to commemorate our trip (more to come on that later). I also was able to purchase my artwork for this trip. *reminder: On all my travels, I collect local art with hopes that one day (when I settle down somewhere-who knows where) I’ll have an entire wall filled with art from around the world.*


Emma and I enjoyed our vodka and ginger beer while eating a home cooked meal and watching more netflix. We had a LONG day of driving tomorrow so an early night was favorable.

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